How To Write A Killer Assignment

So you’ve just received that massive assignment brief and you want to totally nail it and get the best grade you can. But, you literally don’t know where to start, right? Listen up, I’ve got 8 top tips for writing a killer assignment!

1. Keep Calm

Don’t stress yourself out, this is the worst thing that you can do. Sure you need to be proactive but you need to chill in order to get your brain straight! Prioritize your workload into what’s due in first to last and you’ll be on the right track.

2. Get A Plan

Start with a general outline of ideas for your assignment. If you’re working within a group, a brainstorming session over coffee is a great idea. If you’re working alone on this one, grab your mug and settle down with some paper and lots of colored pens - jot down all the ideas you have and make notes about the topics you’ll have to research too. Also, if it’s a really big paper, try and get a timeline for when you’d like to get different sections finished by. This is great for time-keeping.

3. Research!

This is obviously essential but also make sure that you keep all the sources of where you get your information from for future reference.

4. Take Breaks

Make sure you keep up with the 411 on the UNiDAYS® blog for a breather away from typing or head out for dinner with your roommate or go for a run for a longer break. Do anything to take your mind off the assignment - you can’t work productively if you’re working at it non-stop.

5. Ask For Help

If you’re seriously struggling with where to start on your assignment, it’s better to ask your professors sooner rather than later. They’ll be happy to assist you with anything that you need. Don’t leave it too late - it’ll be your fault then!

6. Get An Extension

This is similar to the above, if you’re really in need of an extension, ask for one. Don’t wait until the very last minute unless it’s really an emergency, this will look like you’ve procrastinated and then panicked! Generally, it’s good practice to ask for an extension via a formal email to your professor. Mention at the end that you’ll happily also meet in person to discuss the reasons and they should be more than accommodating.

7. Proofread

Always do this first thing in the morning when you’re raring to go, coffee in hand! Your mind will be clearest then, doing this at 3pm when all you want to do is eat a brownie is not the time to check over your work. It’s also a great idea to get someone else to read over your paper, just in case you miss something.

8. Celebrate!

You’ve done it! You need to celebrate how hard you’ve worked to get that assignment nailed. Treat yourself to a day out or at least a trip to the movies. Everyone’s writing styles will be different when it comes to getting assignments done but these are eight essentials that you’ll need to do in order to nail that paper. Whether you’re a Last Minute Larry or a serial planner, good luck!

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