How to make your dream trip come true

(Or, why you need to check out Journy pronto)

You’ve decided to go on vacation. Exciting!

You grab your laptop and catapult into research mode, combing travel blogs and Insta for as much intel as you can find. The trip needs to be perfect! You need to make sure you don’t miss the crazy amazing gelato at that place your friend’s cousin posted about. And, wait! That kayaking excursion comes with an organic picnic lunch and a crash course in Portuguese! HOW DO I BOOK THAT?!

Three hours later, you’re so far down the rabbit hole that you’re ready to surrender and staycation. Enter Journy.

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Journy is your trip-planning fairy godmother. Answering a few simple questions gets you paired up with a personal travel designer (fancy!) who custom-builds your dream trip based on your tastes. All the best restaurants, sights, shops, activities and more will be folded into a daily travel itinerary: Journy LITE gets you the where and what and Journy FULL handles all bookings and reservations - even the trickier and hard-to-get seats. Both levels cover up to four travelers.

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Since every itinerary is one-of-a-kind, you’ll have your entire social circle in a FOMO tizzy. Journy considers your personal preferences, who you’re traveling with, what your budget is, what you’re interested in doing and seeing, dietary restrictions, and your ideal pace of travel to build the perfect vacation for you. You can even use Journy for a single day! Moving to a new place and want to know all the must-do’s? Your fairy godmother can help with that too.

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Journy is able to accomplish all this via its secret weapon of 300+ experts that range from the Culinary Director of Shake Shack (delish) to in-the-know locals.

Still thinking DIY? Consider that the average person spends up to 30 hours travel planning. Instead of waiting on hold to nab a restaurant reservation or screaming “agent” into your phone in a desperate attempt to reach a human, leave it to Journy. Carry on living life, saving the world, or just kicking back until it’s time to pack up.

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