How To Have A Successful Staycation

If you haven’t heard about “staycations” yet, where have you been? A “staycation” is simply a vacation you take in your own city. I will be doing this too, actually, in March when I have my Spring Break but I’ll be staying in Chicago. Whether you’re excited or bummed about staying in your city, below are some great ideas for making it the best experience.

1. Explore Your Own City

You can try a new restaurant you’ve been meaning to or go to a museum or new art gallery that just opened. It can be as simple as shopping. Just take a day to explore more of the city you live in, as I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen it all.

2. Have A Spa Day & Indulge

Depending on your budget, your level of indulgence will vary. If you have the money, you can make appointments with your best friends to get pedicures and facials or something along those lines. If you’d rather save money, buy some supplies at a local beauty store and service each other!

3. Take A Day For Yourself

Be a little selfish and just do everything for you today. Take a long bath and then catch up on your television shows. If you’re crafty or enjoy writing, you can do one of those. Whatever you find relaxing and enjoyable, do that all day and unplug from your social media networks. staycation3  

4. Try Something New

Go to a movie, read a book, or take up a new fitness class. Just try something new in general. Personally, I never have the time I wish I did to watch that movie I’ve been dying to see so why not do so when you don’t have to worry about work or school?

5. Host A Get-Together

Gather your best friends and have a party! It doesn’t have to be a big spectacle. Make a few appetizers, put on some tunes, and catch up with one another. You could end up creating some of the best memories. Or, you could simply have a friend-date. Take your bestie out for lunch! staycation5

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