How to drink like a royal

Treat yourself like the King or Queen you truly are

In honor of the royal wedding this weekend, we've done some digging to find the favored drinks of English royalty. Even if you're not going to WATCH the wedding, you can at least spend your days/nights acting like you're a part of the family.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen apparently drinks Gin & Dubonnet before lunch, one after lunch along with a glass of wine, and then a glass of champagne right before dinner. She'd certainly hold her own at any frat party.

Prince Charles

Although he loves Laphroaig single malt, his go to is a martini that's equal parts gin and equal parts vermouth.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Not much is known about her favorite drink although it's been rumored that after a conversation with Prince William about her relationship with Prince Charles, she was quoted as saying she "needed a Gin & Tonic."

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Who would've known that polished Princess Kate's favorite cocktail would have the unfortunate name of 'Crack Baby'? Don't worry, it's a blend of champagne and passionfruit juice (it was even served at her wedding).

Prince William

While his tastes have certainly matured, during his student days he was partial to sambuca shots.

Prince Harry

It's no surprise that Prince Harry's favorite drink is a vodka red bull. I mean he WAS one of the biggest party boys around. His personal favorite vodka? Ciroc.

Meghan, future Duchess of Sussex

Coming from Meghan herself, her idea of a dream dinner is "A leisurely [meal] of seafood and pasta, and a negroni to cap off the night."

Princess Di

While not a big drinker, Princess Di was known to drink a white or peach bellini every now and again. It's even rumored she was seen drinking a peach bellini the night she dressed up as a man to spend time with Freddie Mercury.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret was well known for her fondness of cocktails. That being said, she was of simple tastes and preferred a glass of champagne about all.

And as an alternative, switch out the champagne for sparkling grape juice or go the mocktail route! You can have just as much fun with or without alcohol. It's all up to your royal self!

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