How To Be The Best Intern

Interning is a great thing to do for your career, 71% of college grads who interned during their college years were able to secure themselves full time employment post-gradation. This is a pretty sweet fact and it's proof that you should work hard at gaining that internship and then even harder at actually rocking it! Here's how you can be the best intern.

1. Be Early

You probably know this one already but being on-time isn't good enough when you're trying to impress. By being just 10 minutes early and staying a few minutes after you've finished to see if anyone needs any help you can make a great impression.

2. Be Ready To Learn

We're talking being in the right mind-set, having your notebook ready and asking intelligent questions. You'll be surprised how much knowledge you'll soak up just by listening and asking questions.

3. Be Professional

Obviously this is an important one. You're not at college anymore, this a professional environment so it's not the place for tales of how many keg-stands you did at frat parties. Even if other people are telling these stories, laugh along but don't incriminate yourself.

4. Don't Be Afraid

If you've had an idea that you think could work for the company where you're interning, whether it's a change of procedure or even just a blog post idea that you could write, let someone know. They'll appreciate you being creative and brave.

5. Make Real Friends

Communicate with people and become someone that people miss when you're not around. This, along with working your socks off will make you seem irreplaceable. Hero Image Source

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