How Cyber Weekend makes us feel

We've all experienced the madness of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but this year felt like it was something else! From the videos of supermarket fights to the sound of a thousand crashed websites we shopped until we most definitely dropped. Lets go over the roller coaster of emotions that is sales shopping. Are you ready? 1. You wake up all excited. Today is the day. Your bank card is ready and it's time to shop!waking-up-and-realizing-its-saturday_557 2. You pick up your friends and utter this immortal quote. tumblr_m5l7h7dzKT1r777xho1_500 3. On the way to the shops you're all excited... 200-5 4. But then you get your game face on - this is gonna be tough! tumblr_inline_n3in2ww96R1qbygev 5. You see all the news reporters and start to wonder whether this was a good idea. url 6. Then you reassure yourself that it can't be that bad, can it? Surely! anigif_enhanced-buzz-12584-1381761877-2 7. It's much much worse that you could ever imagine friends-fight 8. But in the end you go home clutching bags of stuff you probably didn't need in the first place feeling proud, emotional and very, very tired. It's all over for another year. Well done you. Glee-proud Don't battle the shops today though! Make sure you check out what other awesome boosted discounts are available on site now for Cyber Monday and psych yourself up for some more serious savings. 200-1

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