Halloween Looks From Your Makeup Bag

Although to some people (people like me), Halloween means the chance to bake loads of exciting treats and get dressed up and cover yourself in fake blood, to other people it just feels like an opportunity to spend a LOT of money. A costume, colored contact lenses, face paint, accessories, drinks, party treats - the list goes on. And obviously as a college student, it’s all about saving as much money as possible so I’ve been experimenting and I've come up with a few Halloween looks that use only the things you can find in your makeup bag - and all in 4 (fairly) easy steps too! You can pair them all with clothes you already own too so you won’t spend much but you’ll look like you’ve put maximum effort in; win-win!

Jigsaw from Saw

AtricleSize_HalloweenMakeup6 A classic horror movie icon, the Jigsaw doll also makes for a really simple Halloween costume. Just pair this easy makeup with with a white shirt and red tie! AtricleSize_HalloweenMakeup5 1. Start by applying foundation to create a flawless base and then lightly fill in your brows using an angled brush and a powder as close to your natural brow shade as possible. 2. Then you need to create a really dark, sooty eye. I did this by using a really fluffy eye brush and blending black eyeshadow all round my eyes and then lining them with black pencil eyeliner. 3. Then for the fun part - draw a spiral on each cheek using a red lipstick or lip pencil and then outline them using what’s left of the black eyeshadow on your makeup brush. 4. To create the doll-like jaw, draw two lines from the corners of your mouth down to your chin using a black eyeliner. Then finish with red lipstick (on your lips this time, rather than your cheeks) and mascara!

A Broken Doll

AtricleSize_HalloweenMakeup4 Not exactly classic Halloween, but an increasingly popular choice is a broken doll. Complete with huge eyes, painted on eyebrows and perfect pink lips. AtricleSize_HalloweenMakeup3 1. To start, you want to create a doll-like complexion which means totally perfect-looking skin. Build up liquid foundation in layers by applying gradually and blending and buffing as you go! Then apply plenty of rosy blusher to the apples of your cheeks. 2. Now for the hard part; covering your eyebrows! This bit was a case of trial and error but I built up layers of concealer and a highlighter pencil to cover my natural hairs before drawing on the doll eyebrows. I used upwards strokes of an eyebrow pencil to get this drawn-on look. 3. To take your look from ‘doll’ to ‘broken’, simply draw on as many cracks and chips as you want using a black eyeliner. 4. Then apply white eyeshadow underneath your eyes to make your eyes look bigger and then line with black liquid eyeliner, adding doll eyelashes along the bottom. Finish with false lashes and your favourite barbie-pink lipstick.


AtricleSize_HalloweenMakeup2 Or just a regular deer; whichever you fancy being. It’s not exactly a scary choice but I know that loads of you will prefer cute over scary anyway. This is my personal favourite - I'd love to know which is yours. Tweet us at @UNiDAYS_US and let us know! AtricleSize_HalloweenMakeup1 1. Although this look is really simple, it takes some building up. Start by tracing lines along your cheekbones and down to your jawline using a brown eyeshadow and then add loads of contour powder or bronzer onto your cheeks, across your temples and round your forehead. You also want to lighten the centre of your face with a light powder or concealer. 2. Next is the white dots, which also take a lot of building up. I used white eyeshadow on a concealer buffer brush because it’s perfectly round so it worked really well. If you wet the brush first, it’ll help the eyeshadow go on thicker too. You also want to create a really strong brow so fill them in using a powder or pencil a few shades darker than your own eyebrows. 3. Then you want to draw yourself a deer-like nose using a black eyeliner, adding lines down the sides of your nose that join with your eyebrows at the top. 4. Like with the doll, add white eyeshadow underneath your eyes and then line your eyes in a thick black eyeliner and add false lashes. Finish with an easy ombre lip, created using a nude lipstick and then white eyeshadow dabbed across the center!

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