Get the look: Kendall vs. Kylie

It’s no secret that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are some of the most fashionable sisters out there. One of the things that's so great about the Jenner girls is that, while they are both really really stylish, their personal styles are so different from each other. Kendall totally has that effortlessly fashionable, cool-girl thing going on while Kylie is pretty much the queen of urban-glam street style.

Since the sisters’ styles are so different from one another, the question is, are you a Kendall or a Kylie? If you don’t know, this fashion face-off will help you decide whose style you think is most enviable. Let's watch them duke it out below!

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Keep It Comfy - Kendall

Kendall has a laid-back style and knows just how to make a comfy pair of jeans and a basic cropped t-shirt look sooooo stylish. She pairs this comfy look with some really cool flatform shoes that totally show off her fashion instinct. Cause, ya know, she is a model and all. She accessorizes this look with a straw hat, some round sunglasses, a layered choker, and a brown clutch which only add to effortlessness of this outfit. When it come to keeping it comfy, Kendall is a master at making comfy look cool.

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Keep It Comfy - Kylie

Kylie’s style is more urban and street style-influenced and her comfy look definitely showcases that. These leggings with graphic accents and cropped white top are probably similar to something we all have in our closets, but Kylie’s swag manages to make workout clothes look like a fashion statement. Of course, in true glam Kylie fashion, she offsets her plain white cap and white sneakers with a luxe-looking quilted bag. You definitely don’t have to dye your hair green to achieve Kylie’s comfy look, but if you want to, more power to ya!

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Everyday Glam - Kendall

Kendall keeps it simple on a day to day basis, well, when she’s not attending the fashion weeks of the world, that is. Here she took a black turtleneck dress and some simple white sneakers and elevated them into something truly glam. The slicked back hair and black coat instantly bring this outfit to the next level and make Kendall look super glamorous. And the addition of the small tote bag and aviator sunglasses help balance out the look and make it the perfect outfit for those days when you want to be casual with a hint of glam thrown in.

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Everyday Glam - Kylie

Kylie, on the other hand, lives for the glam look and it’s not unusual to see pictures of her rocking thigh high boots to the grocery store. In this everyday glam look, Kylie took an oversized camo t-shirt dress and amped it up with a smoky eye and a gold metal belt. And while we can’t see what kind of shoes she’s rocking in the picture, I can only imagine the clear plastic 6-inch boots she'll be rocking. Oh Kylie, teach us your ways.

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Model Off Duty - Kendall

Kendall never lets us forget that fashion is her job on and off the runway. She pairs a pair of high rise jeans with a chic wrap top, a cropped moto jacket that will never be out of style, and some black ankle boots that are all the rage right now. Her layered chokers, statement buckle belt, and trusty aviator sunglasses really show off how Kendall’s style is all about simplicity, which can be everything when you pair the right pieces together, which is exactly what she does. Basically, Kendall looks good when she’s walking the Moschino runway at Paris Fashion Week and when she’s just walking down the street to her car. Seriously, this girl never stops giving me major outfit envy.

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Mogul Off Duty - Kylie

When you have an Empire to run, there are no days off. Kylie reminds us that she’s a boss 24/7 in a bodycon dress and white heels combo. She accessorizes this simple dress with a bunch of bracelets, a luxe looking watch a dope metal choker, and some aviator sunglasses just like her sister. In this look, you and/or Kylie would be ready for a meeting, a work event, and dinner all at the same time.

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