From Summer to Winter: Transitional skincare for transitional weather

With Summer being over, we’re now finding ourselves dealing with the aftermath of enjoying the sun a bit too much (not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying all the sunny days before we're in the cold season wishing for it to be hot again). But, while we were out in the sun some of us may have forgotten to take care of our skin (before and after our long days out). Let’s talk about some ways we can get our skin back to its glowing state and keep it that way throughout the year; trust me you won’t be stressing before Summer comes to get your skin ready for dresses and shorts because you’ll already be ready.

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Winter is slowly approaching, but we shouldn’t take that as a sign to ignore our skin's daily needs just because we’ll be forced to have our bodies covered up in an abundance of clothes. The key when it comes to our skin will always be moisture; we all might think that we have that down pat but the truth is are we really giving our skin all the hydration and attention it needs?

Finding the right moisturizers that are appropriate for what your skin needs.

Just like we give our face the utmost attention with a ton of products; some you probably don’t need and some that actually do help your skin, our bodies need that kind of attention. Identifying what type of skin you have is the most important step, you can either have:

  • Normal skin: You body absorbs and maintains the moisture that you give it. You don’t find yourself getting extremely dry throughout the day.
  • Dry Skin: Your body needs more hydration than what it normally gets, which a lack of hydration can lead to flaky dry patches on your skin or other signs of dry skin.
  • Sensitive Skin: Your body reacts to certain products when it comes in contact with you, possibly leaving you with rashes, itchiness, etc.

Now that you understand the skin types that you might have, it gets easier to decide the type of moisturizer that would be great for you. Lotions which are more lightweight in consistency and contain a good amount of hydration; dependent on the ingredients that were used. Body butter is thick and creamy in consistency due to the use of Shea butter among other ingredients, the hydration is lasting and can vary from the number of hours of hydration that you can get based on the natural oils it may be mixed with.

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Scrubs are your best weapon against the dead skin cells.

After all those days in the sun, your skin is under a lot of pressure, especially if the use of sunscreen isn’t an option for you. To help get rid of the skin that has been harmed by the rays of the sun, scrubs can help. If you’ve received a sunburn a more gentle scrub would be the best option, it won’t be as rough on your skin considering that it is a bit more sensitive at this point. If you just noticed that your skin looks a bit dull after your tan has gone away but you don’t have a sunburn any scrub will do; I’d suggest more of a sugar or salt scrub to help get your skin looking fresh and renewed. As you continue to get rid of the dead skin from Summer's activities and protect it throughout the winter, consider using scrubs during the winter that have more of a creamer substance. The main focus during winter is to make sure that our skin doesn’t fall short of hydration especially with the harsh winds and cold temperatures that we experience throughout the season.

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Sometimes having layers of clothes on doesn’t always protect our skin, considering if you happen to still feel the cool breeze through your pants even with leggings on; trust me I know. Going back to the scrub talk, you don’t have to use a scrub every day, maybe try to go for 2-3 times a week or less if you don’t have much time throughout your busy schedule; it is definitely understandable.

Protect your skin.

As I’ve mentioned earlier even with layers of clothes sometimes you can still feel the unwanted weather throughout your body. Try to find products that have good thermal technology in it, but also dress appropriately for the weather. The mistake I find that we often make is not preparing enough for what outside will be like, we underestimate how cold it can really be. Winter is already drying out your skin with the cold air don’t let it continue to dry out the progress you’ve made with scrubs and better moisturizers.

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All our skin ever needs is TLC, in order for it to continue to have this healthy glow and feel to it. By using cleansers that aren’t harsh and drying to your skin, finding a moisturizer to help with the changes in not only in the weather but your skin and maintaining a routine to remove the dead skin cells, our skin will need change as the weather changes, what we needed in the summer might not be what our skin needs in the Winter, be sure to pay attention to what your skin is asking for i.e.: HYDRATION. When Summer is back you will find yourself ready to conquer the sun, I mean you’ll need more than what you need here, but when that time comes you’ll still be ready!

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