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  • After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Trump that he could not give the State of the Union from the House chamber during the Government Shutdown, he has decided to postpone it rather than find a new location.
  • The Supreme Court voted 5-4, allowing Trump’s transgender military ban to take effect.
  • California Senator Kamala Harris has announced that she is running for president, making her the fourth female and fifth democrat to throw her hat in the ring.
  • After Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, claimed that there were “no plans” for Trump Tower in Moscow, the plans for Trump Tower Moscow have emerged.
  • Amid the government shutdown, the president of the National Air Traffic Controller’s association has called for the government to be reopened and warned that air safety is ‘deteriorating by the day.’

Pop culture

  • Ariana Grande released the track list for her upcoming album, ‘thank u, next.’
  • Chris Brown has been released without charge after being arrested in Paris for a rape complaint filed against him. The investigation is still ongoing.
  • Cardi B dipped her toes in the political pond again when she argued with Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren about the government shutdown.
  • R. Kelly and his record label have parted ways amid protests and suspicion fueled by the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Lifetime docuseries that R. Kelly is a sexual abuser. Many are upset that the label will still profit from R. Kelly’s previous work, and R. Kelly will maintain his status and influence.
  • Netflix and Hulu have been in a major shade-off this week. First, they dropped competing documentaries of the Fyre festival. Then, after Netflix announced they would be raising their subscription price, Hulu announced that they would be dropping theirs.


  • 23-year-old Olivia ‘Liviy’ Ambrose was found alive after being kidnapped and held captive for three days. Her captor, Victor Pena, is being charged with kidnapping and undergoing a psychological examination after exhibiting ‘bizarre’ behavior in court, such as sucking his thumb.
  • Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old girl who was found alive in January after being kidnapped and held captive since October, will be rewarded the $25,000 reward that had been offered for her return, as donors commended her for saving herself.
  • A nurse at an Arizona healthcare facility has been arrested for raping a patient after the patient, who had been in a long-term vegetative state, gave birth last month. Officials are investigating the facility to determine if more assaults have taken place.
  • At least 5 people are dead after a gunman barricaded himself into a Florida bank and opened fire. He then called authorities to tell them, “I have shot five people.”
  • After a video went viral of a boy in a Make America Great Again hat having a facedown with a Native American elder, the internet went wild. As more footage was released, the situation just became more complex. After the boy, Nicholas Sandmann, sat down for an interview with Savannah Guthrie, things became even more complex.

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