Cute or Creepy with Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the place to go for all things quirky and off the wall this Halloween. Plus save 10% using your UNiDAYS® college discount! Will you go cute or creepy this year?


Transform yourself into an actual Jack-O-Lantern with this cute Pumpkin Tee, some green shorts or skirt and color your hair easily with this Shaking Pudding Hair Colour in Ash Khaki! This stuff is so clever, it's essentially a semi-permanent hair dye that you apply like you would a normal at-home color and will fade over time. In the meantime you'll have totally on-trend khaki hair. Sweet! Article-size_UOushalloween_1 Go for the cute animal look with a fluffy Deer Hood. You could even add to the effect with some deer make-up and wear a pretty beige or cream dress. I also love the Kigurumi onesies that Urban Outfitters stocks, this Unicorn one is awesome and I really like the Kangaroo too.


Feel like freaking your friends out? A scary mask will definitely do the trick. Masks are awesome Halloween costumes because you can just wear your normal clothes and pop a freaky mask on - you're set! I especially like the Sugar-Skull feel of this Skeleton Mask. Now, usually I think pugs are really cute but I am so not into this scary Pug Mask! The scariest of them all has to be this Bird Skull Mask - girls, pair this with a long white lace dress for a super creepy feel. Want a Halloween costume with as little effort as possible? These Gnarly Teeth are your answer! Article-size_UOushalloween_2

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