Bullet journaling tips for beginners

Looking for the perfect way to capture all your summer memories? Trying to keep track of all your plans or a summer internship? It’s a busy life and just because summer is here, it doesn’t mean we have to throw agendas and planners out the door! But the real question is, have you ever heard of bullet journaling? It’s a great way to make to-do lists and express your creativity!

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It all starts with a notebook or journal. What makes this so easy is that you can use whatever you have at home or whatever product you like the best. Personally, I find the notebooks with dots instead of lines to be the best, but it’s all up to you.

Once you find the perfect notebook, it’s all up to whatever you feel like creating from there. You can set up the journal almost like an agenda and have a whole calendar or you can decorate each page as its own thing. My favorite thing is to set up each month with a special theme, whether that be my favorite movie or musician of the month! This works perfectly if you have a special event coming up, then you can design the whole layout to that. You can use any form of media to decorate your bullet journal, such as magazine clippings, drawings, paintings, or any type of art. I also enjoy using washi tape and stickers for an extra pop on the page.

You can use your journal to track your habits, food, or productivity. It’s a really useful tool to help guide your life. The best part is, you can throw it into your bag and take it anywhere with you. Now you may be wondering how this compares to using your phone. I think both are super helpful, but this is a great way to set aside electronics (getting a digital detox) and use some of your creativity.

I love going through social media, finding inspo for my journal, so here are some ideas for you, straight from my own bullet journal!

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Good luck to all of you starting your own bullet journal. It’s all about trial and error. You've just got to find what works best for you!

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