Breakfast sightseeing: the best breakfast spots in the world (according to me)

I must confess that regardless of the destination, I am always curious on how breakfast looks in every new city I visit (an activity I like call “breakfast sightseeing”). Questions about how people start their day and what are the morning cravings of the local community consume me along with my travel essentials. Sometimes they remind me of home, others transport me and warmly welcome me to the city, and some surprise me by showing me that the same breakfast ingredients I know can create a different plate. Calling all foodies with a love for discovering new places, I want to share with you my favorite breakfast spots I have visited while traveling

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The Friendly Toast - Boston, MA

When I visited this retro diner bar in Boston, I knew this city promised what all the travel sites declared: a cultural, intellectual and chic ambience in every corner. The Friendly Toast is the classic place that invites you to enjoy a cup of coffee, complement it with a creative egg plate and maybe, spice up your morning with bloody marys...all while surrounded with colorful and vintage decorations. In my last visit, August 2018, I had Sam’s Garden Omelette: an omelette filled with mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, garlic and just a touch of goat cheese. It was served with their delicious home fries and a cup of fruit. I was traveling alone, so my +1 was the most festive waitress that tried to convince me, during the whole hour I stayed, to have one of their cocktails. I settled just for coffee, giving myself an excuse to visit again.

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Homemade Hecho en Casa - Lima, Perú

Lima conquered my heart with the amount of colors its streets had, along with the combination of sea and mountain atmosphere, and of course, with its food. A gastronomic destination, it is a must for all people in love with the pleasure of eating. All the kinds of nicknames you give to the place that flirts with you from the kitchen. Cebiche, anticuchos, sanguchitos, the list can go on. But, let me include in the list, Homemade Hecho en Casa, is one of the brunch spots that makes you feel in your grandmas house in the most special way.

  • Address: calle Henry Revett 259 - Miraflores, Lima Lima 18, Peru
  • Instagram:

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Juniors - New York, New York

The last time I visited New York, it was freezing outside. Read this from of a girl that currently lives in a city warm as hell (literally), which means cold weather is challenge. Laying down in a cold bed inside a cold hotel bedroom, I was starving (and chilly too). I googled for a place nearby that could bring me food that wasn't the hotel room service, and I found Juniors. The menu looked quite nice, the delivery service was available, but the moment I read characters like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and even Nicky Jam (latin american represent) had visited, I realized I needed to go...It was an historic landmark. Thank god I did (even though I froze my face while walking). It was brunch time and I ordered a fresh brisket beef sandwich along with a coleslaw and the respective pickle. OH - MY - GOD! 2 years later and I still think about the salty and juicy touch the brisket left inside the brioche bun. This was immediately part of my favorites!

  • Address: 1515 Broadway, 45th St. B/W Broadway & 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019
  • Website:

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San Sebas Cafe - Cuenca, Ecuador

Back here at Ecuador, there is a placed named San Sebas Café, an American-like café in the city of Cuenca, just 3 hours from home. The first time I visited, I was with a good friend, and we both were amazed with the place the minute we stepped in. The fresh organic coffee aroma, the cozy weather and the way a lady received us. We sat next to a window in the sun. I picked the pancakes that were flirting with me just the minute I read their name: oatmeal banana pancakes with nuts. My friend had a western omelette filled with cheddar cheese and bacon and a hot chocolate. For the sweet, salty and bittersweet morning cravings!

  • Address: San Sebastián 1-94 y Mariscal Sucre, Plaza San Sebastián, Cuenca - Ecuador
  • Website:

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Zingerman’s Delicatessen - Ann Arbor, MI

While visiting my younger sister in college, I visited Zingerman’s Delicatessen. They don't define themselves as a breakfast spot, but they are indeed home of the best made-to-order sandwiches. Next to a deli, where they sell housemade bread, cheeses, oils, coffee and much more. Imagine a world where you never know what to order because everything seems perfect. That is how I felt looking at the Zingerman’s menu, with wishes of having a stomach so huge I can taste more than one sandwich. I went for the Georgia Reuben, a turkey breast sandwich with swiss emmental cheese, coleslaw, russian dressing on grilled jewish rye bread. The softness of the bread and the tasty bites, made it feel just like breakfast. I even ordered a chicken latte (yes, you read it correctly).

  • Address: 422 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Website:

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Confitería Los Molinos - Buenos Aires, Argentina

After a long and wild night of partying in Buenos Aires, where I went to sleep almost at 7 am (which is kind of early for them), I decided I needed to go out for the classic breakfast. Barely awake, but in the mood of living my last day in the fury city, I searched for a panadería (bakery). I let myself inside a random one in a corner near me, its name was Confitería Los Molinos. I asked for one of the famous argentinian facturas: the media lunas. This is a type of pastry in the shape of a crescent moon, soft, buttery and gooey. I asked it with ham and cheese and complement it with a coffee with milk. Around me, there were guys eating a pyramid of the media lunas while munching through the morning newspaper. My mind was still partying, and with the breakfast, my stomach joined the party too.

  • Address: Av. Las Heras 3014, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Website:

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Le Pain Quotidien - Chicago, IL

Where are the avocado toast lovers? The best one I had was in Chicago in the recent winter where a cold almost damaged my trip until I arrived to Le Pain Quotidien and asked for their hot honey lemon ginger beverage and everything felt better. That was also the chance of meeting the organic menu of the place. I had an avocado toast, lightly dressed with citrus cumin salt, chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil. An small tip: add an organic hard boiled egg.

  • Address: 20 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60602, USA
  • Web Page:

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Churros con chocolate - Madrid, Spain

Last but not least, there is Madrid and its wonderful morning proposal: churros con chocolate. I met them instantly after a 12 hour flight in jet lag mode and kind of dizzy, but the thick, dark but sweet chocolate was powerful enough to keep me going. If you are wondering, churros are a strip of fried dough dusted with sugar or cinnamon. Spanish people eat them with café con leche, or just a cup of chocolate. I ate them in La Perla Churreria in the village of Velilla. However, you will find plenty of them and my recommendation would be to ask for a spot to any local. If you are fan of dessert for breakfast, you better start thinking about a 12 hour flight really soon.

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