Back to school makeup made easy

Wake up. Makeup.

Then hope you're not running late to class. Back to school can be rough, especially if you've spent all Summer f*cking up your sleep schedule and Mondays now feel like Saturdays. If anything, back to school means you should treat yourself. Why? Because you deserve it as a gift for surviving the Summer. That not a good enough reason? Alright, you're headed back to school and smart people know makeup expires so it's only a matter of time before you need to replace things... why not just do it now? I'll give you some time to think but here are 9 makeup items that'll help back to school be that much easier (you won't hate it as much because you have ~lewks~ to show off).

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1. Palettes

The Plushie Quads from Lime Crime are the perfect on the go palette as you're heading back to class. You can keep it in your backpack so that no matter how sweaty and gross you get throughout the day, you can do a touch-up at a moment's notice.

2. Brushes

Drugstore brushes are cool and all but... think of your face and how EASY nice brushes make for it to blend makeup. Plus these Metal Rose brushes from BH Cosmetics are just GORGEOUS and can help with the aesthetics in your room. If these brushes aren't your thing, BH Cosmetics has plenty of other options.

3. Brush cleaner

A question you need to ask yourself: when was the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes? If the answer is never then... yikes. I learned far too late in life (aka junior year of college) that in order to keep your skin clean and clear when using makeup, cleaning your brushes help. This Sigma Dry'n Shape® Spa cleans your brushes AND helps to shape them while you dry. It's the easiest routine you'll probably have all semester.

4. Hydrating mist

If your class schedule has you going all over campus in ridiculous temperatures, then you might be into the Lumi Dew Hydra Mist from Smolder Cosmetics. It preps and hydrates your skin while extending the wear of your makeup. It also has caffeine in it which may come in handy for late night study sessions. Hey, it's better than splashing your face with cold water that literally has 0 other benefits.

5. Liquid lips

A lip color that stays? Having to reapply throughout the day is a pain and if you want Kylie Jenner approved lips, these liquid lipsticks from ColourPop are vegan AND cruelty free. They also come in a variety of shades and finishes like ultra blotted lip, ultra satin lip, and ultra matte lip.

6. Unicorn hair

Not exactly makeup but it's an easy way to reinvent yourself without having to make a serious commitment. Unicorn hair from Lime Crime is a semi-permanent dye which means that it'll eventually fade. In the meantime however, it'll give your hair color the tint you've always wanted but someone (cough cough your parents) said no to.

7. Bronzer

As Summer turns into Fall and you find yourself in freezing classrooms rather than out by the pool, you may want to invest in some bronzer. What's good about this one from BH Cosmetics is the fact that not only is it vegan, it's both allergy and dermatologist tested. People with sensitive skin... THIS IS FOR YOU!

8. Highlight

A good highlighter is hard to find. The Deluxe Size Loose Glam Dust from Smolder Cosmetics can be used dry for a shimmery wash of color or wet for an ultra metallic shine (aka the "ALL EYES ON ME" look). It can also be used as a lip topper or an eyeshadow so you're getting like 4 things in 1.

9. Eyeshadow base primer

Eyeshadow is ALL about pigment these days. Nobody wants something on their lid that doesn't give a pop of color (unless you're after a subtle daytime look). By priming your lid with the eyeshadow base primer from Sigma Beauty, your colors will not only be amped up they will hold thanks to its 8+ hour wear. You can also wear it by itself, if you're after that subtle color I was talking about earlier.

10. Foundation

In order to create some of the most polished looks possible, foundation is a necessity. It allows for you to blend everything together and create a smooth canvas. The No Filter Natural Matte Foundation from ColourPop is a buildable full coverage formula that is oil-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

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