A horror movie enthusiast's top 5 picks


October means many things...most notably, PSLs, cozy sweaters, and scary movies. We like to consider ourselves the experts on the first two, but we realized that we don't actually know that much about scary movies. So, we had to call in a professional.

Our secret source, a horror movie aficionado, has gifted us with his list of the 5 BEST horror films of all time (in no particular order), and what he likes about them. Don't @ him, his decisions are FINAL.

Rosemary's Baby

This movie is a statement about how society tries to control women's bodies. It's an incredible movie, but it doesn't get the recognition it deserves because the director, Roman Polanski, has had....let's say, some run-ins with the law.

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The Exorcist

The movie is better than the book in this case, according to our movie buff. He believes this movie is all about science vs. traditionalism, an extremely compelling contradiction.

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American Werewolf in London

This is the first ever horror comedy. The central theme of it is "letting go of the past." Our expert believes that Stephen King ripped it off with Pet Sematary.

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Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead satirizes modern consumerism, which is something we all need to take a hard look at in society today.

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The Shining

Our expert said he 'doesn't even know where to begin' with this one. It's a dark movie based on a dark book (the book is about quitting drinking), and it epitomizes why he loves horror films: they're the best vehicle for introspection, both upon ourselves and our society.

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What didn't make the list? You can @ us about it, we'll allow it.

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