9 Tips For Surviving Final Exams!

Ick, so final exams are here. We know it's tough, but you've gotta do 'em! Here are 9 tips to really help you nail these exams and get some awesome grades.

Review Your Notes

Yep, you actually have to look back over everything you've learned in the past few months in order to pass these exams. Don't just skim over the topics from the past few weeks, this needs to be thorough!

Study Tools

Study tools such as mind maps and flashcards can be really helpful in helping you remember important facts, dates, and figures. Try getting your roommate or Mom to test you on these! Reminder apps can also be useful if you're bad at sticking to set times. ‌

Engage Your Brain

Doing other things to engage your brain such as crossword puzzles and reading novels will make sure that your brain is ready to work as it will be used to being active. If you're just watching American Idol re-runs whilst you're not studying, your brain won't be ready for all the information it needs to store.


This is a given, right? Don't stay up until 2 am studying the night before your test, or any nights leading up to the big day. You need as much sleep as you can to make sure your brain is ready for studying and your body isn't too tired to function.

Know When To Stop

Yep, you will have to stop studying at some point. I know it seems like it will last forever, but it really won't. Within 12 to 24 hours of your test, you're going to have to put the books down! You won't learn anything new in this time so just go over the main points or any topics that you're struggling with, run yourself a bath, watch your favorite movie and chill out. Get an early night and prepare yourself a healthy breakfast for the following day.


Practice quizzes and tests are great reassurance tools and they can really help you get into the feeling of filling out your exam papers. After all, they do say practice makes perfect!

Exercise & Healthy Eating

Taking a break and doing some exercise is going to be great for your mind and body during exam season. You'll feel energized and motivated after you've done a quick jog or round of weights at the gym, trust us! Also, healthy eating can massively benefit your learning and performance during exam periods. Stick to lots of protein and plenty of vegetables and your mind will be on fire! ‌

Reward Yourself

When exams are over or you've finished studying for the day you're totally allowed to have a little treat. Buy treat-size smaller bags of your favorite candy or chocolate and have one a night after you've completed your studying and eaten a healthy evening meal. You deserve it! ‌

Take A Break

You do not need to study non-stop all day. This may actually be detrimental to your learning. When you study, your brain consumes glucose and taking a break will allow your brain to create more fuel. Head outside for a walk, grab a coffee or just chat to your roommates for a few minutes. It's all about balance, good luck! ‌

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