9 pop culture moments (sand)which you may have forgotten

BOGO on the brain?

Well it should be seeing as for THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 20TH ONLY, Schlotzsky's and UNiDAYS have teamed up for the BOGO event of your dreams. Why is it so special? Because it's Buy One, Get One free on ALL entrees (which includes pizzas, sandwiches, flatbread, salads and mac). So go and get yo Schlotzsky's on. And just in case you're in need of something to watch while you're enjoying your pizza, sandwich, flatbread, salad, or mac... why not check out these 9 pop culture moments you may have forgotten.

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The Moist Maker

The sandwich is SO good... Ross ends up going to anger management over his meltdown over losing it. Granted, there was a lot going on in his life but that was the ONLY good thing he had going (because let's be real... Ross is the worst Friend).

Not your average "breakfast" sandwich

Detention sucks. Detention on SATURDAY is worse. You're not allowed to leave and you have to bring your own lunch but like, who really eats Cap'n Crunch on their sandwich. The answer to that is the "basket case." Between you and me, I'd rather have had Schlotzsky's.

I'll have what she's having

You know when you have that one meal that changes your life for the better... this probably isn't it. Then again, Meg Ryan's "excitement" was so convincing it got someone to "have what she's having."

Benny and Joon

Joon as her own quirky eating habits (i.e. picking raisins out of her tapioca pudding) but nothing tops Benny's way of making "grilled" cheese. If you've ever wondered if you can use an iron to make a grilled cheese... here's your answer. Maybe don't use steam and don't put it on the silk setting.

Sandwich Day

Do not mess with Liz Lemon's food. That's the number one rule. Break that and well, you may not like the consequences. Also, if she wolfs her teamster sub for you... you're basically her soulmate. Unless you move to Cleveland.

Grilled Cheesus

RIP Cory Montieth. Finn believes he's found the face of Jesus in a grilled cheese and he asks for three prayers to be answered. When the first wish comes true, he does a tribute to Jesus in song. This wasn't even the most ridiculous storyline Glee even had that season.

The best sandwich in the world

Ah yes, another entry from Friends. When the guys are on a ride along with Phoebe's boyfriend, a car backfires and Joey dives to save Ross which upsets Chandler. In the end, it turns out Joey was diving to save "the best sandwich in the world" made with meatballs, melted cheese, and marinara sauce (that Gary wouldn't let Joey eat it in his car).

10 foot hoagie

Homer Simpson loves donuts but he apparently loves his sandwiches above all. Homer was supposed to take Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens but ended up getting food poisoning from a 10 foot hoagie he'd taken home from the company picnic. Did I mention he continued to eat this sandwich WEEKS after the picnic had been over?

Boat Sandwich

You will never be as comfortable as Jack Nicholson eating a sandwich on a boat. You probably will be uncomfortable after seeing it but this is absolutely the pinnacle of being unbothered about the world. 8 years later and the picture is still something so ridiculous I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it. An image Img source

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