9 DIY decorations to spice up your New Year's

By now you've probably figured out whether or not you're staying in or going out this New Year's. If you're going out, good for you. You don't need to figure out what to do for your party nor do you need to decorate your house/apartment/etc. If you're staying in, excellent! If you're not sure what aesthetic to go with look no further. Below are 9 easy DIY decorations for you to get the party started:

1. Set the tone

A "Happy New Year" garland sets the tone for the entire party and is a simple way to get everyone excited about the new year.

2. Upgrade your insta pics

Rather than a boring old wall, go with a backdrop to add an aesthetic quality to all the insta pics you're bound to take that night.

3. Give props

Add in a little humor with photobooth props. They'll make your pics stand out for years to come and remind you of all the fun you had.

4. Say goodbye to 2017

Nothing says "See ya suckers" like a party hat. This festive option rings in the new year and lets everyone know what fun you're having.

5. Shine bright like a diamond

Class up your champagne toast with a cup that glitters. Will it make a mess? Probably but at least it'll be a FUN mess.

6. No need for fireworks

If you're in a place that fireworks and sparklers aren't feasible, why not try poppers? When the clock strikes twelve, forego the sparklers for a blast of confetti.

7. Not just for kids anymore

Pińatas are cool. They've always been cool and always will be cool. As the night goes on, the idea of a pińata gets even better. Just imagine what it'll be like after a few rounds of prosecco pong.

8. 2018 in a big way

If the garland isn't your thing, make the numbers out of confetti. Show 2017 who is boss by saying just how much you love 2018... even though it's not happened yet.

9. Midnight kisses you'll remember

If you don't have a midnight kiss lined up, that's fine. Chocolate is much better anyways. Pass these out to your party guest and no one will feel like a third, fifth, or seventh wheel.

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