8 steps to a productive first semester

Ready. Set. GO!

It’s the start of a new year and as per usual, a new YOU! Make this year count by starting a new schedule to be more productive, healthy and FRESH. Check out our tried & true steps below:

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Step 1: Wake up early!

A gazillion sources have proved that the earlier you wake up, the more productive you are. Take baby steps and set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than the day before until you’re getting up at a more desirable time. Try to get up at 6am!

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Step 2: Give yourself the morning you need!

Find a routine once you wake up that lets you take on the day! Enjoy a cup of coffee in bed with the morning news while you check your emails and the UNiDAYS snapchat. How nice to have more bed time to slowly get ready for the day. I like to brush my teeth after my coffee so no stains for me!

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Step 3: Plan your day before you leave the house.

Do you have all back-to-back classes and soccer at 6:30pm? Pack a granola bar instead of needing to find a snack last minute. Check the forecast, and pack an umbrella.

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Step 4: Get your workout DONE!

Kick off the day with a good workout. Before class and work is the best way. That way after a long day, you can just CHILLLLL. It’s way harder to put on those Adidas sneaks after a long day. Just remember, it takes 21 days to form a habit!

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Vitamin B, C, BS, and valerian root… do some research on what types of vitamins are best for you at Pharmapacks and and schedule them into your day. Make sure to add a reminder to your phone so you don’t waste the day without your new nutrients.

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Step 6: Meal PREP for Basics

First step, Buy 40 lbs of boneless chicken breast. JUST KIDDING. Think about your schedule for the day and what options will be nearby. Are you having a pizza night, then maybe think about a salad for lunch. Life is about balance.

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Step 7: Make your free time productive

Laying on the couch and vegging out is super important, but maybe use that as a reward. Needing to hang up those posters for 2 weeks? Do it tonight then reward yourself with 7 episodes of Friends.

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Step 8: Sleepy time

8 Hours. You know. I know. We all know. Try to get to bed a little earlier each night so you can wake up earlier with a full 8 hours under your belt. Gotta love a good REM cycle. Early bird gets the worm!

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We can already see a 4.0 GPA and super healthy skin on you! Keep it up!

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