8 reasons why Kourtney is our favorite Kardashian

Kim, there's people that are dying

1. She studied Musical Theatre in college

If you think Keeping up with the Kardashians is fake and they are all just acting....well, actually, Kourtney may be since she got her bachelor's degree in theatre arts. She graduated from the University of Arizona with not only her theatre degree, but also a minor in Spanish. ¿Por qué no sonríes Kourtney?

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2. She doesn't forget about the less fortunate

Like any celebrity, Kourtney makes sure to donate money to charity. She even has her kids donate toys to Toys for Tots. Let's not forget the time though that Kim was upset she lost her diamond earring in the ocean and Kourtney put it into perspective by reminding her that there are people dying in the world. An image Gif source

3. She feels no pain

Kourtney has proven her high pain tolerance on multiple occasions to the world through Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The most memorable is when she went into labor with her first child; before going to the hospital ,she had to apply makeup. Need further proof of her high pain tolerance? When she pulled her own baby out of herself while giving birth. All I can say is ouch. An image Gif source

4. She brought attention to Kim’s ugly crying face

Everyone is now aware of what Kim Kardashian's face looks like when she is crying. Well, we can thank Kourtney for bringing attention to that face. In an early episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim is sitting there while Kourtney laughs. In her interview, she references Kim’s face as the cause for her laughter. Thank’s Kourtney, now we're all laughing at the face too. An image Gif source

5. She is our style icon

All the Kardashians dress nice, but in my personal opinion, Kourtney is the best dressed. Although she is the shortest, she always stands out with her style choices. Remember when Kendall posted that photo of her in Aspen in a bikini? We all know she looked great, but did you see when Kourtney did it? She killed it. An image Img source

6. She teaches us to know the queen that we are

Kourtney has crazy confidence. She owns her body, her look and everything else about herself, even if others think she should change something. She could teach all a lesson on how much we should love ourselves. New motto: treat yourself the way Kourtney Kardashian treats herself. An image Img source

7. She tells her sisters the hard truth

Kourtney is always looking out for her sisters. Whether it's defending them when their reputation is being questioned, or being brutally honest with them about something. Although Khloe and Kim don’t always love what she tells them, Kourtney dishes out the necessary advice no matter what. An image Gif source

8. She’s a loyal sister

No matter what happens, no matter how many fights they have, Kourtney is always there for her sisters. Knowing that people can count on you, that's the best trait that any person could have. An image Gif source

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