8 Reasons We're Glad To Be Home

So the last year of college felt like it went by in a matter of seconds and you're already back home again for the Summer. While some might be bummed at the idea of being back home for the next 3 months, here are 8 reasons that you're secretly glad to be home.

1. Food

When at college, you get excited for dinner but then remember you have to make your own and all you know how to make is instant ramen. When at home? Hello to mom's home cooked meals! Plus it's free because you get a break from buying it yourself! Article_HomeForSummer_Hungry Image source

2. You Get Looked After

Not only does your mom make you meals, she'll also do your laundry and do most of the cleaning up. Remind us again why we're so eager to move out? Article_HomeForSummer_Bath Image source

3. Hello Old Friends

As much as you love all your college friends, it's so good to see all your old high school friends again! Article_HomeForSummer_Hug Image source

4. You're Reunited With Your Family

Although you probably own't admit you've missed them (siblings in particular), you can't deny that it's been weird not having them around. Let's see if you're still as happy to see them by the end of summer break though... Article_HomeForSummer_MissYou Image source

5. No College Work

All those papers and exams are finally a thing of the past meaning you've got some time to relax and enjoy doing nothing! Article_HomeForSummer_TV Image source

6. You Have Time To Earn Some Money

Juggling college and a part time job at the same time can be really stressful so now you can finally get yourself a summer job and watch the dollar roll in! Article_HomeForSummer_Money Image source 

7. You Have Time To Sleep

You can finally get your sleeping pattern back to normal and get those naps in! Article_HomeForSummer_Sleep Image source

8. You Can Drive Again

Most people don't bother/can't afford to drive while at college so being back at home is the perfect time to make the most of having a car again - did someone say road trip? Article_HomeForSummer_BadDriving Image source Hero image source

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