8 family arguments to avoid this Christmas

Every family has that one person who loves a good argument, no matter what. And it wouldn't be Christmas without a good family bicker, would it? From arguing over what's on TV to who ate all the chocolates... there are just some arguments that are tricky to avoid at Christmas time!

1. What time to get up

Do you set an alarm? Does a younger (or maybe older) sibling wake you up early? Do you just wake up? Argh, so many decisions!

2. Who ate all the chocolates

Okay... so who's eaten all the non-coconut out of the chocolate box?

3. Who does the dishes

Someone's done all the cooking and now who's turn is it to do the dishes?

4. What time to open the presents

Straight away? After Christmas dinner? Who knows what's best!

5. Politics

Net Neutrality. Trump. Potential arguments are endless...

6. What to watch on TV

Who has control of the remote? The youngest? Oldest? Whoever gets their hands on it first?

7. Cheating at Monopoly

Completely frowned upon. But is a board game even possible without an argument?

8. No one helping Mom

Cooking, cleaning, tidying, keeping the grandparents happy... and NO ONE is helping!

I hope you manage to have an argument free Christmas!