7 killer frat house life hacks

Your frat house is your pad, your safe haven away from clingy sorority girls, classes and responsibilities - you want it to be awesome, right? We've got 7 hacks to keep it as epic as you want it to be and make it even better living with your bros on campus with a few bonus discounts. These tips are perfect for day to day living, parties and some all important life hacks.

1. Chores - stick with us here...

Unless you can all club together to pay a cleaning lady, you're going to have to clean your own stuff and wash your own clothes at least once a semester because your mom is not here. Otherwise, no girls are coming anywhere near you! Make a roster for specific chores if one person doesn't mind laundry but 100% hates taking the trash out, find a compromise and you won't kill each other either via argument or some weird bacterial infection.

2. Make your parties easier

Install a kick ass bottle opener to most walls in your house. Yep, even the bathroom. 18pwobqawro8ggifGif Source

3. Entertainment

Whether you're throwing a huge party or simply chilling with the guys back at the house, entertainment needs to be on point. Make sure you've got your 50% off annual Plus or Pro Membership for Vimeo to keep all the ridiculous footage you film that you're one day hoping will make you the next Steve-O. And, for all your music needs, you 100% have to take advantage of our Klipsch discount on speakers and more! ‌

4. Share the love

Worried about spending too much money on food but don't want to live on dollar store microwave meals? Pitch in with your buddies to make big one-pot meals like chilli, grab tortillas, chips, avocado, cheese, taco shells, whatever you want and share the cost. This way you all get a tasty meal that you actually like and you're kinda bonding. Not in a weird way.

5. Budgeting

Money sucks. Talking about money sucks, thinking about money sucks and organizing money sucks. Well, unless you have a tonne of it and as a college student, you probably won't have! That's where we come in. Save dollar on your cell phone contracts with 10% off both StraightTalk and Tracfone.

6. Don't Host Alone

This is another great way to save money on parties if you usually find that you supply all the snacks and beers for your get togethers. Get together with your neighbours or classmates and host a party together. The cost will be halved or even quartered! Or, alternatively, make your party a B.Y.O.B event, it might be a total cop out but people will understand.

7. Chill Time

You've gotta find that balance. You can't party every night because you'll 100% burn out and you won't get any school work done, which is, by the way, the reason you're supposed to be at college! Chill out to the max in amazing joggers from OnePiece and save 15% with your UNiDAYS discount.

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