7 epic BBQ recipes

Meat me over there

It isn't a Memorial Day weekend unless there's bbq! And when I'm talking about bbq, just know it doesn't necessarily always have to be meat (although I certainly prefer it). As we draw nearer to the three day weekend, it's time to get your mouthwatering at all these recipes that are sure to make your party or picnic the talk of the town.

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1. Honey and Beer glazed BBQ chicken

You can't go wrong with chicken at a bbq. Honey + beer + chicken = a sweet, yet tangy dish your friends will be talking about for ages after.

2. Pork taquitos

Tacos are fine and dandy but try taking things up a notch with these cheesy taquitos!

3. Loaded hot dog

Hot dogs are great but LOADED hot dogs are better. Go with this recipe or do your own mega-hot dog.

4. Memphis-style pork ribs

Memphis has some of the BEST bbq around (I will hear arguments on this but we all know it's true). Ribs are a bbq classic so you obviously want to have the best ones possible.

5. Cheeseburger onion rings

Once you go onion ring, you'll never go back. EVERYONE and their mother is gonna have burgers at their bbq or picnic. Stand out from the crowd by putting yours in a crispy casing.

6. Balsamic marinated grilled eggplant

I'm not forgetting my vegetarian friends! While this is not my first choice at a bbq, I'm certainly not against this delicious vegetable having a place at the table.

7. Chickpea veggie burgers

Burgers are a staple of any Memorial Day activity. Make sure everyone can be included by whipping up this tasty meat alternative.

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