6 things to binge watch over Spring Break instead of getting a sunburn

Netflix is like vacation for the mind

Don’t break the bank this spring break, have yourself a staycation and watch any of these shows or movies. A note, the movie Spring Breakers will not be a part of this list.


1. Broad City (Hulu)

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Are you looking for a show that will make you laugh at loud and say over and over, “that is so me and my best friend?” Well then, this is the show for you. Broad City follows Ilana and Abbi as they try to navigate life in NYC. I don’t think there is ever an episode that doesn't leave me laughing at the end.

2. Sex Education (Netflix)

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This show is a little strange, but in a good way. A high school in someplace USA, although all the characters have British accents (so weird). Teenager Otis teams up with outcast Maeve to counsel students in sex therapy. I should mention that Otis’s mom is a sex therapist... so, of course, that makes her son qualified to help all these youths.

3. Monk (Amazon Prime)

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This is an older show, but that doesn’t mean it's any less amazing. Monk is an ex-detective with the San Fransisco police who suffers from OCD. The police department brings him in to help with some cases, and because with his OCD, he notices details that some of the other detectives don’t notice. It isn’t a hard-hitting crime drama, like Law and Order, but it is an easy watch and has some really funny moments.


1. Heathers (Hulu)

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Winona Ryder and Christina Slater will never look the same to you. This is the story of Veronica who wants to make it with the popular girls, the Heathers. She takes the unconventional path of getting to the top and is accompanied by her boy toy J.D. the whole time. It’s not everyone's taste, but it is one of my favorite movies.

2. Edge of Seventeen (Netflix)

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Did you have an awkward teenage stage? Well, this movie perfectly depicts that time in your life. When Nadine's best friend falls for her super hot brother, Nadine is left to fend for herself in high school. As someone who has a brother who others always feel the need to tell me is attractive (like, ew, that's my brother), I relate too much to this movie.

3. Eighth Grade (Hulu)

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Another, in my opinion, perfectly depicted movie of what it's like to be in eighth grade. When I heard that Bo Burnham wrote and directed this movie I was expecting this to be a hilarious movie. While it does have many funny and relatable moments, I didn’t realize how much it would pull on my heartstrings. You did me dirty Bo, but I will still watch it multiple times.

These shows and movies will keep you busy and happy during spring break. So yeah, you may not be sitting on a beach but hey, you won’t be getting sunburned either! Happy binge watching!

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