6 packing hacks that'll make back to school a breeze

Hacks written by a hack (Hi! I'm Zack)

Yikes - the big move is only a few weeks away and you have dreaded packing. This isn’t like going away to camp where all you need is a flashlight and a secret supply of candy. You’re moving out on your own, and this diva needs, like everything.

Well you can really only bring whatever fits in your Dad’s Ford Focus so we need to get crafty in how we shove it all in.

Use everything for everything.

T-shirts as packing paper for fragile items, and shoes as sock storage. Get crafty in using each item and fitting them into another. No need for extra packing supplies when you can use the items you’re bringing anyways.

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Pack the minimum you need to get by for 1 week.

We promise you’re not going to want that Hello Kitty clock. And once you meet your roommate, he/she is going to have something way cooler to offer. Pack the minimum you need to get through a week, then once you’re settled buy everything you didn’t bring. With discounts on all of your favorite places to shop homeware like Bed Bath & Beyond, you'll be golden.

Hang it up.

Dresser space is going to be TIGHT to use your closet as best as you can. Hang all your jeans. And don’t be afraid to throw all your hanging items on top of all the boxes in the car. They’ll be fine.

If you don’t love it, don’t bring it.

If you pick up an item and it doesn’t bring you joy, you don’t need it. Blah blah blah. Just remember to bring all the stuff you love, and not the stuff you don’t need.

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If you love it, bring it.

You just got all these amazing sweaters for back to school, so bring them all. Some fall/winter stuff can be put under your tiny twin bed super easy. Grab the vacuum and go to work.

Use your Tetris skills for good, not evil.

One of the best parts of graduating high school, is that you made it through 6th period math (somehow), despite having played tetris the whole time on your TI-83 (ED NOTE: Do kids still use these)? Use those “math” skills to figure out how to pack the car. If you need to take apart a box or two and spread the items out, YOU DO YOU.

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