6 of the best college jobs

College life can be pretty expensive, this is true! Having a little extra income can go a long way and having a part-time job offers you great experience for the future and looks awesome on your resume. Whether you only work during the summer and winter breaks to focus on your studies or you get a job on campus to head to after classes, make sure that your job works for you and you're not taking too much time out of your studies.

1. Restaurant and bar work

Are you a people person or a lover of food? Why not look for a part time job in a bar, country club or restaurant. Generally hours can be flexible, you'll usually be fed when working and it's great for your customer service skills. "Working at the Country Club were some of the best summers of my life (we used The Club just as much as the members did after hours - very Dirty Dancing), but I learned how to wait tables, plan parties, set a proper table, play golf, and talk to CEOs. I didn't realize at the time, but the networking I did those summers set me up for the rest of my career." Sarah UNiDAYS Student Solutions Specialist

2. Retail work

Jobs in retail are another great choice for students, they can be pretty easy to come by and are perfect for improving your customer service skills. Retail work is also great for employee discount and the freedom of being a ‘seasonal employee’, the hours are pretty flexible too. "50-70% off all the clothes I wanted was hard to pass up!" Andrew - UNiDAYS Account Coordinator The real perks were the scheduling though. Since I was a seasonal employee, I could take off as many days as I needed, they'd give me time off for midterms and finals, and I could only work while I was at college, my job was waiting for me at the start of each semester. I met so many people from all over the city and turned it into a networking opportunity which helped with job hunting post-grad.”

3. Promotion

A lot of people might be put off by the idea of giving out flyers, but it's actually really easy money. If you're looking for something with short hours and good pay, I recommend contacting your local bars, nightclubs or music venues for some work. You could also get jobs offering free products like shots or driving around in branded cars which is pretty cool! "Pro Tip: If you work constantly, you have no time to spend money." Sarah

4. Tutoring

Looking to help others? Tutoring might be a good choice for you. Offering extra help to local schools or clubs looks great on job applications and can be really rewarding. If this is something you'd be interested in doing, you'll be able to find loads of information from your college. "Pro Tip: If you love the people you work with, it doesn't feel like work." Sarah"

5. On campus jobs

Check out the jobs that your school might have posted on campus, usually the work isn't too taxing and you won’t have to leave campus which is pretty sweet. "I worked on campus as the assistant for the Dean of the Marketing Dept. I did everything from helping to create exams to qualifying potential new hire professors to creating expense reports. It was a great learning experience." Sunita UNiDAYS Student Solutions Specialist

6. Paid internships

There will always be the opportunity to intern if your school is within a big city and they can sometimes be paid. These are great for the summer and you get real work experience as well as cash in your pocket!

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