6 Celebs Who Rock Pure Fix

All of our riders rock, but some do it for a living. When Pure Fix first formed on the UW campus, we had a dorm room, a vision, and a sweet playlist. Nowadays, it’s hard to turn on the radio without hearing one of our very own riders! Check out these six fixed tune-makers, and use that sweet 10% UNiDAYS® discount to get your own band on the move.


When he’s not throwin’ “peace up, A-town down”, Usher (Usher, Usher) rolls around the city on a custom Keirin.

Alex Kopp – 3rd Eye Blind

Life was only semi-charmed until Alex scooped up a Kennedy to ride on tour. Now navigating new cities is a breeze, but rewriting those classic lyrics will take some time. Article_Purefix1

The Game

Game recognize game. So it’s no surprise to see THE Game cruising around town on his Juliet. ‌

Alabama Barker

In a family of rockers, Alabama’s no exception. When she hits the road with dad Travis from Blink 182, it’s on a Micro X-Ray. ‌

Chris Adler - Lamb of God

Riding fixed is all about finding your rhythm, and if anyone knows how to pound out a beat, it’s Chris. When he’s not in the studio with Lamb of God, or touring with Megadeth, he’s rolling on his completely custom Original Series. Article_Purefix2


The men of Mastodon know metal, so it’s no surprise they rock our steel framed fixed-gears. The whole band brings their bikes on tour, so when the thrashin’ ends, the mashin’ can begin! So when are you dropping your first album? Scoop your ride (at a discount, woo!), hustle over to the studio, and get jamming! We’ll keep our ears open for you.

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