6 Brain Boosting Foods

Besides cramming for exams and pulling all-nighters to finish your work, there is another way to help yourself do better at college - through the power of food. Not only will snacks help keep your energy up so that you can work for longer, but pick your snacks wisely and they could even help to boost brain power! Not only can blueberries improve your memory but they can also actually reverse memory loss. Eating them regularly can also improve balance, coordination and help you to learn faster which is very useful if you have an exam coming up. Article-size_brainfoods_1 Image source healthfitnessrevolution.com Nuts and seeds contain lots of vitamin E which helps to keep your brain healthy as you get older. Pumpkin seeds in particular are packed full of zinc which enhances your memory and thinking skills. Article-size_brainfoods_4 Image source simpsonspringmarketplace.com Avocado seems to be a favorite of 2015 and not only does it make a great healthy snack, breakfast food or instagram post but it also keeps your brain healthy. Although avocado contains a lot of fat, it’s the good kind! Monounsaturated fatty acids help your blood flow which means your brain can function at it’s best. These same fatty acids also protect the nerve cells in the brain and help to improve the brain’s muscle strength. Article-size_brainfoods_5 Image source popsugar.com Oily fish, such as salmon, contains a high level of omega 3 which is not only good for the heart (and a general healthy diet) but also for the brain as this helps to boost neuron function. Article-size_brainfoods_6 Image source aquabestnyc.com Broccoli is jam-packed with vitamin K and Choline which are both good for improving memory. It also contains folic acid which is great for your brain; not only can it prevent mental diseases like Alzheimer's but people whose diet lacks in folic acid are more likely to get depression. So eating broccoli = staying happy. Article-size_brainfoods_2 Image source familysponge.com But if you want more of a treat then dark chocolate is a great one to go for. The cocoa can improve cognitive function as well as improving blood flow to the brain. So don’t see chocolate as a cheat food, see it as a brain food! Article-size_brainfoods_3 Image source popsugar.com

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