5 Spring Break must-have medicines

When it comes to Spring Break packing, one thing that people often forget about is medicines and first aid sh*t. Now, I’m not suggesting that you pack the whole of your medicine cabinet, I’m just talking about a few essentials. Plus, you can save 10% off online at Pharmapacks! Medicine can get expensive so it's nice to be able to save. Anyways, here are a few must-have medicines.

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1. Pain Relief

From migraines to toothache to muscle and joint aches, Pharmapacks have got you covered. They have got a huge range of pain relievers in all kinds of forms to make sure that you can have a pain-free Spring Break!

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2. Blister Relief

If you’re going to get yourself some new shoes for Spring Break, or you’re just going to be throwing some serious shapes, don’t forget the blister pads too. These 2nd Skin Blister Pads are perfect for preventing and healing blisters; just stick them on a blister or where you think you’re likely to get one, and you’re good to go. These BAND-AID Advanced Healing Blister Cushions even offer blister protection for your fingers - you never know!

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3. Sun Care

I know that sun care products aren’t technically medicine, but it’s so important to look after your skin when you’re somewhere hot and sunny. Be sure to stock up on high SPF sunscreens and lip balms like this Solbar Shield Sunscreen in SPF 40 and this ChapStick Sun Defense Lip Balm SPF 25. They’re both super travel-friendly too! Also, sunburn can be very sore so a cooling after sun won’t go a miss - this [Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel](https://www.pharmapacks.com/products.php?product=Fruit-of-the-Earth-Aloe-Vera-100%25-Gel-2-oz will be a savior for your skin.

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4. Diarrheal Relief

Granted that this isn’t a pleasant topic to talk about, but it’s got to be done. If you eat something funny during Spring Break, say goodbye to the parties and hello to the toilet. Hell no! Products like these Nature's Way Pepogest Peppermint Oil Softgels and this Imodium A-D Mint Liquid will keep your stomach happy.

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5. First Aid Kits

First aids kits are perfect because they have everything you could possibly need all in one place. Pharmapacks have a load of different first aid kits but my favorite was this Johnson & Johnson Safe Travels First Aid Kit - it’s made specifically for traveling, it includes 70 items and it can be yours for under $6.Absolute steal or what? It contains essentials like cleansing wipes, antibiotic ointment and adhesive bandages all in a handy little blue box. Spring Break medication = sorted!

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