5 reasons why Cersei Lannister should be your idol

I shall wear this as a badge of honor

You either love her or hate her. You think she evil or strong-willed. But you can’t deny that Cersei Lannister has some awesome attributes we could all learn from. Here are some reason why Cersei Lannister should be your idol.

1. She's a strong woman

It is easy to say that Cersei Lannister is among the strongest women in Game of Thrones. She was able to fight through hard times and come back on top. The walk of shame proves how she able to bounce back and take charge of her life after hard times.

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2. She is brave

Cersei talks about being a lioness, and she believes it. She is not scared of anyone, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. This what makes her such an interesting character.

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3. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her

Cersei’s “I don’t give a shit” attitude made her such a resilient character in Game of Thrones. She was able to achieve her goals despite the rumors and gossip about her. I believe this is what gave Cersei the zeal to get what she wanted... Just to prove people wrong.

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4. She loves herself first

Cersei Lannister is the embodiment of self-love. She takes care of herself before anyone else. She makes sure she is happy before and comfortable before she satisfies anyone around her. She proves that is ok to be selfish sometimes.

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5. She loves her family

Her biggest weakness. Cersei is willing to die for her children, and will give up anything for them. Everything she does is for the benefit of her children. She reminds us of the importance of family and how parents should love their kids.

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