5 Healthy Sunday Hacks

Do you find it difficult to stick to your plan to be healthy past, say, Wednesday lunch time? It's difficult to stay on track if you're not prepared or it's not already a habit.

1. Create The Menu

This is the best bit! If you love to plan and make lists you could plan almost every meal that you want to eat that week, or if you're new to this whole planning thing, try to just work out what you're going to have for dinner or lunch each day and stick to it. This is a great opportunity to read recipe books, stalk your favourite healthy Instagram accounts and get on Pinterest. ‌

2. Get Your Shop On

Head down to the grocery store and get your shop on, ready to create all those meals you've just planned. Or, you can do your grocery shop online to make sure that you don't get drawn in by unnecessary offers! ‌

3. Meal Prep

Sundays are the best day to do most of your meal prep. You don't have to prepare every meal for the week unless you feel like that's really going to help you stay on track. Try just making your lunch for the next three days and then on Wednesday prep something else and have that until Friday. ‌

4. Chop, Chop!

Chop all your vegetables for your salads, evening meals and store in airtight containers in the fridge, this way you can just grab them and throw into a pan. This will cut down the time you spend prepping food even more. ‌

5. Outfit Plan

Well, maybe not outfits but get a gym kit folded for each day of the week that you plan to go. Store them somewhere you can easily grab them - it's much more motivating if things are easier. ‌

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