5 environmentally friendly cosmetics you should have in your makeup bag

With more and more beauty lovers becoming aware of the impact that their much-loved beauty essentials are having on the environment, it’s getting a lot more difficult for people to justify the long-term effects that beauty products are having on our environment.

Along with this increased awareness, the number of brands that are getting involved in offering environmentally friendly cosmetic and beauty products is on the rise. With brands choosing to use pure and earth-friendly ingredients and choosing to not test their products on animals, environmentally friendly cosmetic and beauty products are increasing in popularity. These products are becoming much easier to source and are becoming the norm in many drug and beauty stores, replacing many other cosmetic products.

Whether you’re trying to cut down on your plastic use or avoid harsh chemicals, there are many companies out there that offer environmentally friendly beauty products. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best environmentally friendly cosmetics that should be in your makeup bag.

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Juice Beauty Age Defy Moisturizer

This Californian based brand has won the hearts of many celebrities, with Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow just two examples. Juice Beauty uses nutrient-rich juices instead of chemical fillers and use many natural ingredients including aloe vera, apples and grape juice.

Their Age Defy Moisturizer is clinically proven to brighten and smooth and is ideal to use on all skin types other than sensitive skin, due to the fruit acids used in the formula. This moisturizer helps to even skin tone and texture using malic acid that is found in organic green apples.

Green People Velvet Matte Lipstick

Founder Charlotte Vøhtz created Green People to help those suffering from eczema and skin conditions to have a reliable skincare and beauty range to rely on. Green People is one of the biggest eco-friendly brands in the UK, and their products are packed with almost 99% natural and organic active ingredients. The Duchess of Cambridge is said to be a big fan of the brand and even uses the organic baby washes and shampoos on Princess Charlotte.

The Velvet Matte Lipstick comes with a lightweight and long-wearing matte finish, which is comfortable enough to wear all day. Its highly pigmented color comes from natural earth minerals which are kind on skin and is enriched with vitamin E to soothe lips and keep them nourished.

Wish Upon A Sparkle Biodegradable Glitter

Everyone loves glitter and with almost everywhere stocking up on all things glittery, there is a very serious environmental threat that comes alongside glitter use. Glitter is part of the microplastic family, which means that it inevitably ends up polluting our waterways, oceans and food chain.

With the awareness of microplastics on the rise, more and more eco-friendly plastics are becoming more readily available. British brand Wish Upon A Sparkle have introduced a wide range of environmentally friendly glitter which is made using cellulose, which comes from the cell walls of plants.

They also use non-toxic ingredients to be able to coat the cellulose, which is what gives it the glittery effect that we all love. As the glitter is made up from cellulose, it is entirely compostable and breaks down quickly and naturally after use.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes

With widespread bans on single-use plastic being implemented all over the world, many facial wipes are being banned due to the impact that they have on landfill sites and how they pollute water supplies and facilities. Wet wipes are typically made up of non-biodegradable ingredients, including polyester, meaning that they can take over 100 years to break down.

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes are made from Community Trade Tea Tree Oil from Mount Kenya and they are completely biodegradable. The Body Shop products are 100% vegetarian and their face wipes are vegan-friendly.

PHB Ethical Beauty All-In-One Mascara

Were you aware that there are many different chemicals that are potentially harmful in your mascara tube? As well as most mascara packaging being made from almost 100% single-use plastic, the chemicals and ingredients that make up mascara are being washed into our water systems each and every time that you wash your face. Thankfully for the environment, eco-friendly mascara is becoming more common in makeup stores. PHB are a family run business that sell and make their range of vegan and ethical beauty and cosmetic products. They are a strictly no palm oil use company and their products are made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients and recycled materials. Once you’ve finished the products, you can even recycle them again.

Their All-In-One Mascara has become a big hit in the beauty world and has won awards for the “Best Natural Mascara”, as well as being the featured product in many beauty and fashion magazines around the world.

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