5 Beginner Surfer Tips!

Calling all keen surfers! Quiksilver are offering an awesome 15% off of all their surfwear to all UNiDAYS® users, which means that you can be riding those waves sooner than you think. Here are 5 top tips for beginners to make that happen.

1. Establishing Your Balance

Like anything, surfboards have a natural centre of gravity, and it is important that you know exactly where this is to ensure you spend more time on the board rather than off it. One way that you can find this is to lay flat on your board, making a clear mark where your chin rests. This will enable you to lay in the same position each time you get on the board, as otherwise if your position changes, the water will react to your weight differently and then uh-oh, you’ll be a lil’ bit wet! ‌

‌‌ 2. Using The Correct Equipment

When researching common surfing mistakes, a recurring theme was that beginners more often than not use the wrong sized boards. New surfers tend to think the smaller board is better, when in actual fact a larger board will make learning the basics a breeze. Article_QuicksilverSurfShorts

3. Being Prepared For Falling Off

When learning to surf, you’re bound to fall off a couple of (hundred) times, and it’s completely normal. However, a lot of people don’t know how to react when they fall off, and the sea can be a pretty dangerous place if you don’t know your stuff. When you fall off your board, be sure to cover the back of your head with your hands, with your wrists firmly over your ears and your elbows together. People tend to try to come up from under the water immediately, but professional surfers recommend that you remain under the water a couple of moments longer than you need, just to be safe! ‌

4. Wearing A Leash

Now, you’re probably thinking “I ain’t no dog”, but safety always comes first. In terms of a surfing leash, it is basically a long thread that attaches your ankle to the back of your surfboard, which prevents you from being separated from your board when you fall off. The leash needs to be at least as long as the surfboard, if not a little longer, so that when you fall off, the board be out of the way by the time you reach the surface, yet close enough for you to hop back on in time for the next wave. Simple!

5. Having The Correct Surf Wear

In order to get the best surfing experience and performance, it’s important that you take it seriously and stock up on your surfing gear. For all you surfing dudes out there, we’re all about these Ghetto Remix 17” - 17” Boardshorts - who said you can’t look stylish whilst doing sports? Also, a wetsuit is pretty essential whilst you’re on the waves, so this Syncro Flatlock 3/2mm one went straight in our basket. Article_QuicksilverSurfWetsuit Hero Image

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