5 Badass Band Tees You Need

The band tee is back! I don't know if it's because festival season is all up in here or if it's an 80s/90s revival but vintage looking band tees are 100% back in style. Grab five of the hottest on the market from PacSun and save 10% plus you can save on sale if anything else catches your eye when you're shopping! The best thing about this trend is that girls you can steal your boyfriend's tees and boys this is one trend that the girls didn't get to first! Pair a band tee with your favorite denim and head to class in style this semester.

Straight Outta' PacSun

Head back to Compton and indulge in these killer Snoop Dogg Fur Coat Tee and Ice Cube Tees! Add a track jacket and a Raiders cap and you're basically in NWA. Article_Pacsun_Tees

Rock It

The 80s/90s called and they gave you these tees. My fave is the Guns N Roses one, how old school cool is that design? But closely followed by the Iron Maiden Tee. Then again, you can't go wrong with classic monochrome Nirvana, where's my leather jacket? Pacsun_10SOS-Blog-Perk

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