36 thoughts I had while watching Justin Timberlake's new video

So today, JT dropped his latest music video for his second song from his new album 'Man of the Woods.' Let's just say this...I had a lot of thoughts on the video. Firstly watch it for yourself:

  1. OK, is JT is getting political?
  2. Yep, he is- #MeToo , Kevin Spacey, Trump, he's throwing it all in
  3. Ok is this a scene from the Hunger Games?
  4. What are the crocs doing?
  5. Ooooh white umbrellas-climate change tick
  6. Justin is about to save his sexy girlfriend from the people painted in white
  7. Oh ok, some classic JT moves to lighten the mood
  8. Rebellion army, fire- I think he's trying to tell us he's on the good side?
  9. Hi Pharrell! How has JT managed to drag you into this disaster video?
  10. Pharrell is purring...k.
  11. Is there a need for the Illuminati in this video?
  12. Here we go- gf comes to save the day
  13. Ewww weird piggy backing
  14. JT has now turned up at a women's only event. He is the only man.
  15. Is he saying he is the only good guy in the world?
  16. Pointless driving scene -thanks
  17. Ok people are hanging from a lit up structure- metaphor for social media?
  18. Oh and JT is back at it, saving all the people, unshackling them
  19. Also, do I even like this song?
  20. I'm so sad that this is what he has come back with
  21. It's suddenly got very Zayn Malik 'Pillowtalk' up in here
  22. We only wanna see you getting off with Jessica Biel and dancing with Jimmy Fallon
  23. Aaaaaaaand after that brief kissing interlude, we're back to the politics
  24. There is a lot going on here
  25. He is buried in the sand. Is he saying he was burying his head in the sand but now he is WOKE?!
  26. Did JT just discover what a metaphor was?
  27. GF is back. Still no sign of Jessica Biel.
  28. He's still got supplies apparently.
  29. Dystopian future landscape still going strong
  30. Lot of multi-racial children have appeared. I am unsure why
  31. Kid is screaming 'you're still asleep'
  32. I think JT is saying we all need to be woke, like he apparently is
  33. If he was really woke, would he be making this video?
  34. Thank god that is over
  35. What was he thinking?
  36. Is it time to cancel Justin Timberlake?

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