3 key reasons college is vital in our shifting economy

Should I attend college?

This question is asked by high school seniors each year. These young adults are looking for answers in a world that can be so uncertain. I used to believe there was no simple answer to this question. I went out into the workforce with a high school diploma and high hopes for what the future would bring. I was promoted from fast food worker to Department Manager within two years. My employers wanted me to become a General Manager. I felt like I was gaining the success I had craved, but something didn’t feel right. I quickly realized that by 22 years old I would be making the most money I possibly could without a degree. When I researched the amount of money the average General Manager makes I realized it would never be enough to support myself or an eventual family. This epiphany helped me to understand that going to college is vital in our shifting economy. However, this issue extends much further than my own opinion or personal experience.


Here is a list of 3 key reasons why college is so important:

  • Evidence gathered by Georgetown University has shown that College Graduates with a bachelor’s degree will make an average of $964,000 more over a lifetime than students with a high school diploma. That is nearly one million dollars more than someone that went directly into the workforce after high school.

  • According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics,the unemployment rate for highschool graduates that did not attend college was 5.3 percent in 2017. For students with some college or an associates degree this percentage was only 3.8. This data shows that just attending college can increase chances of avoiding unemployment in the future. This is a much bigger advantage than it may seem at first glance. Being able to consistently find work is the key to future success.

  • Attending college may have health benefits as well. In an article by The Huffington Post research is presented showing that students who graduated college have a longer life expectancy than those with a high school diploma. According to this research those students who graduated college could potentially live up to seven years longer. That is nearly a decade! It is amazing to think how the decision to attend college can positively impact the rest of your life.

Where does all of this information lead us?

Attending college can help students earn a higher income,stay employed and may even help them have a longer life. These benefits seem to outweigh any stress that may come with pursuing an education. At one point in time adults may have been able to get by without furthering their education,but our world has changed. Careers are growing in both the technological and medical fields. These expanding industries encourage applicants to have college degrees. Our workforce is becoming more dependent on our technological advances and those that create them. The chances of high school graduates thriving without furthering their education are slim. Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, the evidence for why college is a necessity is rapidly becoming undeniable.

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