3 Internship-Ready Hairstyles

Making sure that you make a good first impression and looking the part at your internship is super important, so gals, hair is a good place to start. Lacking inspiration? We’ve got it covered. Here are 3 hairstyles that have internship written all over them!

1. The Classic Bun

Let’s be honest, you can never go far wrong with a good old bun can you? What I love about them is that they’re super easy to do but still look like you’ve made an effort. Perfecting your bun-skills can take a little bit of time, but once you’ve cracked it they’ll only take a couple of minutes to do. Hello extra 10 minutes in bed! Jazz any bun up with this super cute ASOS Rosebud Bun Holder, not forgetting to use your UNiDAYS® discount! Article_InternshipHair_1 Image Source

2. Twisted Ponytail

If you want to add a little bit of oomph to your everyday ponytail, then why not add a little bit of twist-action? All you have to do is divide your ponytail into two sections, twist one section and wrap this twisty-bit around the other section. Simple and stylish. When comes to ponytails, healthy looking hair is a must, so check out this Advanced Split End Therapy from ghd hair - seriously replenished hair coming your way! Article_InternshipHair_2 Image Source

3. Braids

Whether you’re into classic, Dutch or fishtail braids, they’re a great hairstyle for rocking to an internship. There are so many different styles you can do with braids, and they can look very professional too. When you’re at your internship, you’re not going to be messing with your hair all day, so providing you fix your hair with some spray like this Tigi Bed Head Maxxed-Out Hairspray from Pharmapacks, your braids won’t require much other TLC at all! Article_InternshipHair_3 Image Source If this isn’t enough hair-goodness for you, head on over to our Heavenly Hair Pinterest board!

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