3 apps to sort out your money situation

Money, money, money, money... MONEY

There is no shortage of apps that claim to help you take control of your money and help you save. The hard part is finding ones that aren't so extra, intimidating, and confusing. I pick these because they serve a real purpose and are a snap to use (as in you don't have to find your checkbook to enter in the routing number - having to do that is always a sign that the user experience isn’t well thought out). And of course they're all free!

Save For That Thing or Trip

Qapital is probably the most innovative banking app that actually makes saving fun. You set a goal for something you want - a Mexico vacation, a new gadget, paying off a loan, anything - then you set behavioral "rules" that automatically transfer money into your savings buckets. Examples: every time the temperature dips below 20 degrees or you go to the gym to work on the beach bod, put $10 towards the Mexico vacation. Every time you buy bus fare, put $2.75 towards a new bike. Over time, these small amounts add up and you'll meet your savings goals before you know it!

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Get a Full Picture of Your Money

Do you have a gazillion recurring monthly charges that you’ve lost track of? Clarity Money helps you to get a full view of your finances and helps you analyze what's going on with your money and puts it all in one app. You link your credit cards and bank accounts to it and then it does the work of calling out any wasteful monthly charges, helps you to save or set aside money on a regular basis, and tracks your spending. Let's face it, most of us are in denial of how much we spend in certain categories (like eating out way too much). This app forces a reality check, which is a kick that most of us need, and information is power!

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Splitting Money Among Friends

Do you avoid initiating group activities because you just can’t deal with collecting money from everyone? Everyone knows about Venmo or Zelle (via your bank account), but the Splitwise app lets you create groups and lets you manage group IOU’s way more easily. It does the math for you too so you don’t need to break out the calculator. You don’t have to add your bank account - this app doesn’t actually handle money, users can pay others by linking through to pay via Venmo, Paypal, Cash or other means. It’s super easy and forever changes group IOUs. Also great for roommates that constantly owe each other money.

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