21 grilled cheeses you NEED in your life

Sorry this blog is a little cheesy

In honor of my favorite "holiday" (aka National Grilled Cheese Day), I've scoured Pinterest in order to bring you some of the BEST (and most unique) grilled cheese recipes you can find. Nothing is worse than overloading on your favorite food only to never want to eat it again. I may or may not have done this a time or two with the ol' grilled cheese but that's not stopped my love for its cheesy goodness. Anyways, here are 21 unique grilled cheese you NEED in your life.

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1. Pizza Margherita

2. Bacon Avocado

3. Pineapple and Canadian Bacon

4. Philly Cheesesteak

5. Taco

6. Pepperoni Pizza

7. Caprese

8. Jalapeño Popper

9. Buffalo Chicken

10. Apple and Gouda

11. Italian Garlic Bread

12. Blueberry Brie

13. The Cuban

14. Breakfast Scramble

15. Spaghetti

16. Croque Monsieur

17. Pretzel Bacon Cheddar

18. Spinach Artichoke

19. Dill Pickle

20. Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork

21. Spinach and Ricotta

With so many to choose from, you never have to eat a basic grilled cheese again. Although... can you REALLY beat a good ol' grilled cheese? Depending on your preferences yes... or no. It really doesn't matter what you like, there's one BIG question you need to consider and that is:

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Bonus: How to make a grilled cheese in the microwave

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