18 Last-Minute April Fools Pranks You Need To Know

The older we get, the more we think that April Fools is kind of mean and maybe we shouldn't participate in pranking our friends and family. We love them, after all.

WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?! APRIL FOOOOOOLS YOU GUYS! As long as no one is harmed in the process, we say have at it.

That said, here are our picks for some super easy, last-minute pranks to pull on your loved ones. This is also an important lesson in what pranks are trending right now so you know how to protect yourself against the pranksters in your life!

1. Veggie Doughnuts

2. Dead Body Garbage

For those of us that love true crime, this is the ultimate prank.

3. Mayo Doughnut

I guess the moral of the story is: do not trust doughnuts on April Fools Day.

4. Onion Caramel Apple


5. The old FAKE $20

6. Smurf Teeth

7. Slippery Door Handle

8. No Lather Soap

Imagine the confusion!

9. Fake Deviled Eggs

These look better than real deviled eggs, tbh.

10. Brown E's

11. Toothpaste Oreo

12. Ultimate Car Prank

13. Cage Face

When in doubt, Nicholas Cage.

14. Plastic Wrapped

15. Upside-down Dorm

This might not be the easiest thing on the list to accomplish but it's pretty sick.

16. Foil Desk

Does this make anyone else want a baked potato?

17. Mattress Outside

Bonus points if your roommate is sleeping on said mattress!

18. Literally any of Jim's pranks on the office

For the Dwight in your life :)

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