15 Things We Do To Procrastinate

Everyone procrastinates! Becoming distracted by almost anything and delaying everything important is a way of life at college. When deadlines approach, suddenly tidying your dorm is far more appealing that the assignment you’re supposed to be writing. Here are some ideas to help!

1. See How Many Marshmallows You Can Fit Into Your Mouth At Once

2. Practice Your Autograph For When You’re Famous


3. Pretend The Floor Is Hot Lava

4. Take Unflattering Selfies And Send Them To All Of Your Friends


5. Make Every Sock You Own Into A Sock Puppet

6. Stalk Old Friends On Facebook

7. Start A Texting Conversation With Someone Through The Use Of Emoji’s


8. Try Applying Make-up With Your Eyes Closed

9. Build A Blanket Fort

10. Eat A Sugary Donut Without Licking Your Lips

11.Binge Watch A Series On Netflix


12. Try Writing Your Assignment With Your Left Hand Just For Lols

13. Go On Buzzfeed To Check Out ‘22 Cats Winning At Life’ And Wonder Why You’re Not Winning At This Assignment


14. Learn The Cup Song

15. Shop Using UNiDAYS® For Awesome Perks!

‌ To overcome procrastination and minimise distraction (as fun as it may be) we advise working in manageable time slots to increase productivity and take short breaks in between (to allow time to browse perks on UNiDAYS®, obvs!).

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