14 TV episodes to binge this Halloween


Everyone has a favorite Halloween film but what about a favorite Halloween television show? If you're tired of the same five Halloween/horror movies and are looking for something bingeworthy, look no further. Below are 14 TV episodes you should binge in order to truly get into the spooky season. Be careful though... you don't want to end up attached to the TV like Samara.

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1. The One with the Halloween Party (Friends)

This episode has EVERYTHING. Chandler in a bunny costume arm wrestling with Ross as a potato (aka Spudnik). Phoebe getting mistaken for Ursula and falling for her twin sister's fiancé. Friends may not have aged well but this episode still holds up for some good ol' Halloween fun.

2. Full Bars (Bob's Burgers)

The first Bob's Burgers "Halloween episode" is arguably one of the best ones. Tina, Gene, and Louise finally get to go trick-or-treating unsupervised while Bob and Linda begrudgingly attend Teddy's Halloween party. Chaos ensues and a possible murder occurs. How can you NOT love it?

3. Halloween (Brooklyn 99)

The Halloween Heist is a running gag for the first few seasons of Brooklyn 99 in order to decide who the Ultimate Detective/Genius is. The first time around, Jake attempts to take Holt's Medal of Valour from his office.

4. Here Comes Treble (The Office)

Every "Halloween episode" of The Office is a good one. That's a fact. However, THIS episode includes Dwight with a pumpkin on his head and an appearance by Stephen Colbert. It therefore makes our list.

5. The Rocky Horror Glee Show (Glee)

Ah Glee, you were a powerhouse for your time. It had a formula that could've lasted forever had Ryan Murphy utilized it correctly. But I digress, fan favorite Glee performing cult favorite The Rocky Horror Show?! Sign me up and well.... it may have been better than the remake Fox would do years later. (RIP Cory Monteith).

6. The Slutty Punpkin & The Slutty Pumpkin Returns(How I Met Your Mother)

HIMYM had some great gags and these episodes are no different. The saga of the Slutty Pumpkin finally concludes after 6 (or 10 years in Ted time) years (with guest star Katie Holmes being the titular pumpkin). Maybe settle in with your own "tootsie roll" as you enjoy the awkwardness of Ted's relationship and Barney's attempts to squash his Canadian roots.

7. Halloween Surprise (Parks and Recreation)

If you've ever wanted to see Ron Swanson go trick or treating, this is the episode for you. Meanwhile, Leslie and Ann view houses for Leslie to move in with Ben after he arrives back from DC. Chris Traeger fears getting older, Donna live tweets Death Canoe 4: Murder at Blood Lake, Tom is inspired to create Rent-A-Swag, Jerry has a heart attack after being scared by Leslie and Ann and Ben and Leslie.... you gotta watch to find out.

8. Treehouse of Horror V (The Simpsons)

There have been many, many, MANY iterations of the Treehouse of Horror and some have just been better than others. Treehouse of Horror V has a special place in my heart due to its take on The Shining in "The Shinning" plus Maggie is voiced by James Earl Jones in an episode.

9. How to Succeed in Bassness (Gossip Girl)

When Blair and Chuck work together, there is nothing they can't accomplish. When they're mad at one another, it's even better. This episode has BOTH. Beyond that, it also includes the queen Hilary Duff.

10. Halloween Blues (Scream Queens)

Chanel mourns Chad and tries to celebrate a different sort of Chanel-o-ween. Plus everyone's costumes are pretty spot on. Emma Roberts as Smurfette? Taylor Lautner as Ryan Lochte? Chyeah! Season 2 isn't as good as season 1 but it's still worth a watch.

11. Halloween Parts 1&2 (American Horror Story)

AHS: Murder House is the best season of American Horror Story and you can fight me on that. The best AHS episodes are almost always their "Halloween" episodes. Halloween Parts 1& 2 is both heartbreaking and terrifying. Some things hit closer to home than others but it's during these episodes that the truth about Tate comes to life.

12. The Ghost in Suite 613 (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody)

If a true haunting is too scary for you, why not try the kid-friendly Suite Life version? There's a rumor that there's a ghost in suite 613 so obviously Zack, Cody, Esteban, London, and Maddie go to spend the night in the room. But is it truly haunted? Only one way to find out.

13. It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

You've always been warned to check your candy, just see what happens in the opening scene. Perhaps you've been hexed by a witch? In the fourth season's "Halloween episode", Sam and Dean are faced with some hard decisions as they work to prevent the rising of Samhain.

14. Epidemiology (Community)

The Dean cuts corners with an unknown substance he mistakes for taco meat. Upon eating it, people become sick with a zombie-like state that can be passed on via bites. The episode is a parody of zombie and horror movies, with those in the show mimicking stereotypical zombies and horror movie tropes.

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