10 things that will prepare you for Coachella

Tick, Tick Tock…. As I check my calendar I realize that the time is approaching. What is approaching? Many would ask, and by the title you can already figure it out. But! There are a few who still may be confused as to what (it) actually is. Dancing, singing, raging with amazing people, and let’s not forget the unforgettable wardrobe. Bohemian, Hipster, Hippie, Chic Vintage Boho with a dash of street style and dirty converse or biker boots is how I would describe the dress code at Coachella. Being able to express yourself and let loose is what Coachella is all about… Oh no! Let’s not downplay this sold-out every year cup of tea. Located in Indio California, Coachella is the “IT” festival that many of us fantasize about. Some of the biggest artist of today will spread their energy and presence and amazing music to thousands; I heard the lineup this year is bananas. And some of the hottest celebs will be letting loose with the rest of society and joining in on the two-part weekend festivities.

But Wait! Before you can begin having fun, you have to make sure that all of your eggs are in a basket so that your experience at Coachella this year and the years after that will be smooth sailing, you know what I mean? So here is the thing, I am going to help you relieve that slight headache that you have been having due to all the stress of getting all of your last minute deets together for Coachella 2017.

Here is my remedy...

Now that you have purchased the main component which is the actual Coachella ticket, your only concerns are getting yourself prepared before the festival, the day of the festival, and things that you can do the day after the festival.

So if you want to make this trip a smooth sailor, keep reading:

Preparations Before Coachella

So there are a few things that you need to do to prepare yourself for Coachella. These things will allow your trip to go smoothly as possible; you know the type of smooth after you have waxed your legs, yeah that type.

1. Travel

Now what I am about to say can be one of the biggest stress factors and require a lot of coins especially if you did not purchase on time which is booking your flight. So for those of you who booked your flight a year in advance, Right On! But, for all of you late bloomers LOL, there are a few ways to get the best prices on flights. The websites I currently use, and all of my friends and family use are:

Now with these website, you can find the best prices that would not knock you over the head.

2. Transportation

Getting around California is important right? So Transportation should become your next priority. Renting a car could be very expensive especially if you are not in the age bracket of 25 and up. So here are a few ways to get to and fro around California and the Festival itself. Uber and Lyft app should become your best friend. And the great thing about it is the first time you sign up the ride will be free or you can use a coupon code. Luckily around times like this where there are huge events going on Uber and Lyft usually have deals going on for the weekend. Also there are two more choices that I feel will do some justice which are Turo and Skurt. Both car apps are the best when wanting to rent a car. Turo and Skurt are like Airbnb but on wheels. You can rent a car whenever, wherever. Just a reminder, parking will be crazy! Get there soon.

3. Accommodations

Getting a good night’s rest is very important. Sleeping at Coachella would not be the way to go; you probably might become the next meme, *shrugs shoulders, I’m just warning you. So to avoid all the mishaps try to get into a comfortable situation that is reasonable and somewhat close to Coachella. My personal fave is Airbnb. Airbnb is a hospitality service, and it allows travelers to list or even rent short-term stays in rentals, apartments, hotel rooms, or hostels, which is definitely perfect for your Coachella experience. Airbnb is really great on prices and if booked in enough time, availability is always open. Also for those of you who really aren’t too fond of Airbnb and what to do something alittle different there is the World Mark Resort in Indio California, located only 7 miles from Coachella. So please be sure to check it out.

4. FOOD!

Yum Yum Yummy! Eating is always important. I don’t know anyone on this freaking planet who would want to miss out on a meal, UH NO! Not you, not me neither. So to better serve you I want to help your tummy stay full. There are so many place that you can eat in Los Angeles as well as Indio. But, for those of you that don’t have much transportation UberEATS should also become your best friend. UberEATS is a way to get food when you want it, from the restaurant you lust for, all can be delivered wherever you are. Also Yelp/Eat24 is another way to increase your belly size. Yelp/Eat24 specializes in food delivery and takeout. These are great options because guess what? You don’t have to leave your place of residence for neither. I also have more Great News! There are going to be tons of food trucks at Coachella that will leave your belly full preparing you for the raging day/night.

5. Safety First!

And for the last step that will prepare you before Coachella is knowing where the nearest Police Station and Hospital closest to your area. Knowing where these places are would put your mind at ease just in case something would happen.

Los Angeles, California

Police Station

  • Los Angeles Police Department- Rampart Station
  • 1401 W 6TH ST


  • Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (Open 24 Hours)
  • 757 Westwood Plaza

Indio, California

Police Station

  • Indio Police Department
  • 46800 Jackson ST


  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (Open 24 Hours)
  • 47111 Monroe St

Okay woo, * wipes forehead*. So now that you have made mental checks of your preparations before the Coachella Festival, let’s jump right in, and I’m making this very quick.

#Preparations: Day of Festival, Let the fun began!

6. Head to Coachella EARLY

When you get there, pick a good home-base point where it will be easy for people to find you.

7. Stay Hydrated!

Very Important to stay hydrated. It will be hot and there is going to be a massive crowd. Also! come with a full stomach. There will be food trucks there but it’s best to come already full because of the guaranteed long lines.

8. What you would need in your bag:

  • Polaroid’s/ Cameras (Non-Pro Digital and Film)
  • Water of course
  • Sunscreen
  • Coachella Ticket
  • Cloth/ Towel
  • Portable Charger
  • HAT
  • Hand Sanitizer

There is so much more, so if you want to check out what to bring into the festival and what not to bring click here Coachella.

9. Safety in Numbers

Always and I mean always come and go with 2 or more people. Everyone doesn’t have good intentions, and a lot of people will be on booze, so it’s best to not be by yourself.


That’s all :)

The Day After: What to do the next day after Coachella

So after this long two part weekend has ended and the next day has begun many of you may be on your flight back home, many of you actually live in California, and then there are some who have an extra day to explore the west side some more. So here I will list some things that you can do around California.

  • Coachella Valley History Museum Indio, CA
  • Griffith Observatory Los Angeles, CA
  • The Broad Los Angeles, CA
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • LACMA- Los Angeles County Museum

So these were just a few destinations that will enhance the fun of your vacation. I hope your Coachella experience will be everything you’ve imagined!

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