10 things every Spring Break traveler needs

1. A suitcase or backpack

We're actually obsessed with our Genius Pack. Not only is it extremely light (6.2lbs), but it was built for extreme organization. Compression straps keep everything in place while specialized compartments make packing think-free. The best part though? A secluded laundry compartment!

2. To brush up on your Spanish

So, maybe you're not headed to Cancun, Punta Cana or Cuba, but no matter where you're going, you should brush up on the language (I wonder if Rosetta Stone makes a box set on how to speak "Florida"). It's probably important to know how to order drinks, but just as important to be able to ask for directions-- this literally saved my life once in France.

3. A beach towel

You might just assume that where you're going has towels, but with everyone using AirBnB so much these days, you really can't guarantee that there'll be a towel that's just for you at your desination. They're bulky but I promise a beach towel will come in handy and we're partial to Hollister because their beach game is on point this season!

4. A phone with a decent camera

So much snow and dirt this winter makes us forget how beautiful tropical weather can actually be! Get yourself that sweet Moto Z with Moto Mods from Motorola. It has a magnetic front attachment that let's you zoom in like you've never zoomed in before, and takes the best quality picture we've ever seen with a camera phone. This one can't be missed!

5. Sunscreen

This is a no brainer. Stock up on all of your daily needs for Spring Break without going #SpringBroke with some help from Pharmapacks, they've got it all! It's not cool to be sunburned, and also, it hurts.

6. To stay hydrated

We know how hard it is to drink water when you're drinking so many other beverages over the course of your trip. Who needs agua when you're downing Daquiries and beer? Well, our best advice is to tote around a water bottle with you as a reminder to hydrate-- this one from Typo is s'cute. You do NOT want to go to the hospital in a foreign country. You just don't!

7. Shades

We don't recommend bringing your most expensive pair of sunglasses with you because there's a 99.9% chance you'll lose them. Hawkers makes SICK sunglasses though, and your student discount means you can buy and bring several pairs with you.

8. Things to do on the plane

The best part of flying is stocking up on magazines and gum, amiright? Since you'll likely be with your friends, it's a great opportunity to buy every single magazine and then trade throughout the flight. No guarantee there's going to be Wi-fi!

9. A notebook to capture it all

It might be a little ambitious to think about jotting down some notes or sketching while you're away on Spring Break, we know you'll probably spend the majority of the time dancing on the beach with a red solo cup. But I can honestly tell you that the trips that I did sketch or wrote in my journal were among the best trips of my entire life and I have an actual tangible way to remember them, which is priceless.

10. A sense of adventure

A lot of Spring Break destinations have excursions you should go on during the day! Make some memories with your friends and make the most of the beautiful scenery. Rent bikes for the day, check out local markets or swim in Pig infested waters. If you're road tripping and looking to buy a bike, may we recommend you go with a Sole Biciycle. They are totally durable, beautiful and best of all-- reasonably priced!

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