10 things every guy needs for Spring Break

For the Boys

Spring Break is one of the fundamental rights of going to college. A nice reprieve from the stress of Spring semester.

1. Sunblock & Moisturizer

Didn’t think I was going to start there, huh? This is important to spending any long period of time in the sun, and if you aren’t doing it, you should be ASAP. You don’t need to spend a crazy amount on something fancy, and while it doesn’t have to be SPF 100, it should be something higher than 10 so it actually protects your skin. You’ll still get a tan, you’ll just save your skin from looking like leather or feeling like sandpaper. Also, you should be moisturizing every morning and night. You’ll thank me in 10 years.


StockNGo StockNGo Pharmapacks

2. Swimsuit

Starting the warm-weather season off with a new pair of swim trunks is ideal. These Quicksilver (below) ones have pockets and a cool pattern you can match to any t-shirt or tank you own. There’s more than one way to look good at the beach, but these are a start. Swimsuit

3. Conversation-starting shirt

Be “That Guy With The Orca Print Shirt” at the bar, and you’ll never be standing alone. Scoop it up at Azalea.


4. Cool jeans

Literally. These jeans from Joe’s Jeans are made with a new kind of denim that wicks moisture away from your body like your favorite exercise shirt, while still maintaining the same look and feel of your favorite jeans. There’s a few washes if you don’t love this one, too.

5.Travel Bag

Going away for just a long weekend and don’t feel like using your old smelly gym bag? Herschel bags are the best. It’ll last a while and can take the beating you’ll give it without being hideous. Find the perfect bag at Urban Outfitters.


6. Sunglasses

Everyone knows that a good pair of sunglasses makes everyone look cooler. It’s like magic and I can’t explain how it works, but I can recommend a pair of cool frames that are priced well. Woodzee hooks it up with frames for every fella.

7. Slip-on shoes

Don’t be the jerk at airport security struggling with the laces of your shoes in line. A pair of easy slip-on shoes in a neutral color (green is a neutral to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ) that you can beat up without worry. These particular Vans are cool and subtle and we found the perfect ones at ASOS.

8. Running shoes

I know Spring Break is time for relaxing and heavy drinking, but if you do decide to go for a jog on the beach in the morning, the least you could do is have a pair of good running shoes. New Balance will make sure you're covered for all Spring Break exercise.


9. Inexpensive Flip Flops

A pair of good sandals are the best, but you know what’s even better? A pair you don’t feel bad throwing out. Enter DC Shoes’s great $13 flip-flops. You can go crazy with the color if you want (pumpkin orange and fire-truck red are both options) but I’m a fan of the less flashy black and grey ones. Either way, keep them for a few months and toss them without feeling bad about it.


10. Flat-front Shorts

Look, I get the practicality of cargo shorts. I do. But let’s pretend they don’t exist for now/forever and instead get you in a pair of these really cool flat front shorts from Original Penguin. The 10-inch height and stretchy oxford (like the shirt) material means you can roll them up if you feel like showing off some leg and use them for both walks on the boardwalk and nights at the bar.

Cargo Shorts

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