10 sorority rush thoughts

A massive hello to Meghan from Lincoln Park Minute again, this girl is one of our favorite guest bloggers and today she's telling us all about the dreaded Sorority Rush! Because my sorority was brand new to my school’s campus, I never went through formal rush or recruitment. Instead, I had an interview with women from headquarters. Nonetheless, the pledge class underneath me (the one that I took part in recruiting) had plenty to think about during all of those tiring rounds!

1. My face hurts from smiling so much and at this point, it’s pretty fake.

giphy via giphy.com

2. Counting down the minutes until I can take off these heels!

giphy-1 via giphy.com

3. I can't hear anything right now so I'll just smile and pretend I'm enjoying this conversation.

giphy-2 via giphy.com

4. Do they all really like each other this much?

giphy-3 via giphy.com

5. It'll be bid day soon.. I can get through this.

giphy-4 via giphy.com

6. What the heck is her name, again?

giphy-5 via giphy.com

7. It's now been 10 times that I've been asked what my major is.

giphy-6 via giphy.com

8. Why am I here? I'm so not a sorority girl.

giphy-7 via giphy.com

9. I have no idea what day of the week it is but I do know tomorrow is philanthropy day

giphy-8 via giphy.com

10. I'm only in this round so I don't get dropped from the sorority I really want

giphy-9 via giphy.com

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