10 professional wrestlers you didn't know who went to college

1.) Abraham Lincoln

Wrestler AND a Lawyer (ok so he didn't technically go to college (#schooloflife) so this is a rocky start but stick with us...)


2.) Vader - UC Boulder

Big Van Vader is a changed man and no longer performs the Vadersault on other humans

Vader source

3.) Tatanka - James Madison

Defeated Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship in 1993

Tatanka source

4.) Goldberg - University of Georgia

Acted in the Longest Yard

Goldberg source

5.) Kurt Angle - Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Broke his neck 44 times but persevered with integrity, intensity, and intelligence

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6.) The Big Show - Played basketball at Wichita State

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Later in life was accosted by Ray Traylor/The Big Boss Man at a solemn event:

7.) The Undertaker - Student of mortuary science at Texas Wesleyan

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8.) Scott Steiner - Went to college!

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9.) Stone Cold - Played football at North Texas

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Stone Cold has stunned people in politics!!

10.) Ric Flair - The Nature Boy matriculated at Minnesota.

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Southern Methodist

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John Cena - You may have seen him attending Springfield College

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