10 killer side dishes to enjoy on Memorial Day

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While we honor those who have sacrificed so much on Memorial Day, we can all agree that a bit of fun in the sun, a nice outdoor BBQ, and time spent with our friends & family definitely makes it a weekend worth remembering as well. While hamburgers and hotdogs might be the stars of the show, there's nothing like an unforgettable side to accompany a great piece of meat. So, here are our top 10 favorite side dishes to add to your plate this Memorial Day Weekend:

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1. Collard Greens w/ Bacon

A Southern favorite, collard greens are the best-kept secret at any food-filled occasion. Adding bacon is a great way to trick people into eating their greens and it also adds that extra something special and fun.

2. Guacamole

Who doesn’t love a nice spoonful of guac? Not only is guacamole amazing with tortillas/anything Mexican-inspired, but avocado goes with practically EVERYTHING! Why not add a nice amount on your steak, burger, or hot dog, while you’re at it? You deserve it.

3. Stuffed Bell Peppers

A.K.A. a lot of “great flavor” in one pepper. The best thing about this side dish is that you can add whatever you’d like in the center of your bell pepper; cheese, beans, ground meat, quinoa, mushrooms, MORE cheese, you name it! What a great hand-held food with a burst of flavor.

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4. Lettuce Wraps

Salads were once the side dish to never leave off, right? We all wanted to add a bit of “healthy” to our plates to avoid feeling that guilt of indulging in everything else. However, things have since changed since lettuce wraps joined the party. They're another great hand-held side dish that can be filled with many of your personal favorites in the middle. Yum!

5. Green Beans

An “oldie” but “goodie”! I don’t think green beans will ever go out of style. Unlike the old-fashioned recipe your Mom forced you to eat during dinner, you can now spruce things up by tossing them in garlic, butter, parmesan, other herbs, or even wrapping them in bacon. Talk about a revolutionary throwback side!

6. Potato Salad

Another classic side, potato salad is just one that you can’t live without. With endless flavor and a nice creaminess to your dish, this side is a sure crowd pleaser!

7. Macaroni Salad

Much like potato salad, this side is a must! You can add a hint of spice (if that’s your thing!) or go for a bit of meat (like ham, bacon, etc.), or any other vegetable (shredded of course) to add some nice color and great flavor. It’s all up to you and your taste buds at this point.

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8. Mexican Grilled Corn

Now, where do I even begin? If you’ve had regular grilled corn, then you’ll know that it is absolutely dynamite! However, add some herbs, a few sprinkles of seasoning, and a ton of parmesan to it and you have something that will totally make your mouth burst with gladness. Trust me on this one!

9. Loaded Baked Potatoes

Much like the classic mashed potatoes that we’ve all been used to growing up; this side dish is a favorite of all time (at least in my opinion). The good thing: you can either make this dish mashed or whole. It’s totally up to you! Loaded with cheese and MORE cheese, sour cream, bacon (optional, but a must at the same time!), and whatever else you’d prefer, this side is sure to be a popular one that finishes before everything else!

10. Deviled Eggs

Last but not least, deviled eggs are the new “creative forces” in food. You can keep it simple with the classic version of this side, but if you really enjoy shaking things up; you can make it spicy, pickled, with avocado, bacon, cream cheese, buffalo ranch, and so much more! What can I say? Deviled eggs are a real killer side!

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