10 fall wardrobe staples that'll perfectly compliment your PSL

Pumpkin Spice Lattes for all

Ah, the beginning of September...it’s 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by noon. We freeze, we sweat, we buy new clothes for back-to-school, and we wait until the weather MAKES UP ITS MIND so we can actually wear them. The good news about this annoying period of weather confusion, however, is that there’s still time to snag those key pieces that you simply HAVE to have this season before it’s too late. I’ve done lots of research both online and, TBH, on the streets of NYC/the Subway (people-watching isn’t creepy if it’s for fashion research, right?), and I have compiled your definitive list of this season’s staple pieces.

1. Black slip on mule loafers

Sick of getting blisters on your heels from your shoes? Then this first one’s for you. The black backless loafer (try saying that three times fast) is EVERYWHERE right now. The best part? You can wear them with anything! They’re SO worth the investment. Some of my favorites come from Cole Haan and ASOS- make your choice based on whether you’re looking for simple leather or some gold flair!

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2. Graphic text tees

Wear your heart on your shirt this fall. Fashion speaks louder than words. I couldn’t decide which bad joke to use, so I generously gave you both. Anyway...It’s all about the graphics. You can portray a deeper message like this Wildfox tee, rep your favorite place courtesy of Mixology, speak your mind, or speak the truth with Missguided. Pair it with jeans, tuck it into a skirt, or dress it up with some trousers! But whatever you do, let the shirt do the talking.

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3. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are not just for cheerleaders anymore, folks. I’m a huge fan of this trend in particular, because pleated skirts are the quick, easy, and comfortable way to look like a presentable human being in a snap. Plus, they can go with you from brunch, to your internship, to date night. You can get a pleated skirt in any color. Some of my favorites? Black (bonus points for leather), blush from Club Monaco, and silver (if you’re feeling a little glitzy you can pick it up at ASOS).

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4. Statement sleeves

Wear your heart on your sleeve this fall! That is, if your heart is ruffled, bow tied, or flowy. It’s all about the sleeves right now, and there are no rules! To help guide you a little, some of my favorite examples of the trend come from ASOS (and pleeeease take a look at the other fab examples on their site), rag & bone, TOBI, and Urban Outfitters. Perfect for an interview or a party, some creative sleeves are a staple in any wardrobe this Fall.

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5. Frayed-bottom jeans-- unhemmed

Denim cut-offs aren’t just for summer anymore! Picture your favorite frayed denim shorts, in ankle-length jeans form. Yeah, seriously. It’s a simple and hip way to add a little bit of texture to your outfit, while not foregoing your classic denim. Of course, when it comes to all things jeans, I trust American Eagle Outfitters, Joe’s Jeans, and good old Levi’s above all else. Warning: all pairs come with older relatives asking you if you bought them like that, and then chastising you accordingly.

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6. Red

We may be in the Reputation era of Taylor Swift now, but Red is still the theme of this Fall. It’s all about red right now. Now, I’m not suggesting you stock your wardrobe with ALL red… you’re not a Power Ranger… but it’s definitely important to have a few solid red staples right now. If I could build your wardrobe for you, I’d say a red skirt, a red dress, a pair of red shoes, and perhaps a red peacoat! To be more specific, I’m DYING over this skirt from Express (helloooo pleated skirt trend!), this LRD (little RED dress) from A’GACI, these block heels from Express, and this Club Monaco coat! Honestly it’s too bad the old Taylor is dead, because I think she’d be thrilled. Maybe in her honor you can rock some red lipstick courtesy of Lime Crime, too…?

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7. Leather jacket

It is aaaalllllllllllllll about leather biker jackets right now. And for this, I’m putting you into the capable hands of Missguided. This trend may seem self-explanatory- but let’s be honest- in 2017, we can’t make any assumptions. In this case, however, that’s a good thing! Leather jackets are getting a makeover right now. Studded, floral, colored, metallic (peep the graphic tee), furry (with RED fur yasss)- if you can dream it, you can buy it from Missguided right now. So dream big, dream shiny, and dream creatively, my friends.

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8. Trench coat

The mystery has been solved, Sherlock: trench coats are BACK. These have always been a favorite of mine- they’re flattering, sophisticated, and great for pretty much any time of year. I’m a big fan of the Jack Wills trenchcoat selection right now, especially the Ambrose jacket (which comes in three colors!). The trench look works indoors or outdoors, too- check out this trench vest from BCBGeneration! Oh, how I love when a trend can work for multiple situations.

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9. Sweater dress

2004 called: it wants its trend back. Well guess what- it can’t have it. Sweater dresses are back, and I could not be more ready to be hot on top and cold on the bottom. I’m committing to Urban Outfitters for this trend: they have a selection of sweater dresses with long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, short sleeves, and no sleeves! It’s all about the options, baby. And in the words of Spongebob Squarepants: “the best time to wear a [sweater dress] is all the tiiiiiiiime…”

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10. Chains

Move over, Two Chainz, it’s time to make room for all the other chainz taking over the fashion world this fall. This is a more subtle detail, but definitely an important one. Chains are an accessory staple right now, particularly in jewelry and purse fashion. I think Azalea has got the chain trend on lock (pun intended, but possibly unsuccessful) this season. I’m LOVING these jade earrings with a chain detail, the Helm necklace (and matching bracelet!), this gorgeous double chain ring, and this saddle bag! ASOS has some cheaper options too, like this gorgeous gold cuff bracelet with chain detail!

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